Trekking Backpack – Outdoor Equipment From Professionals For Professionals

Neatly to favor climbers backpack would what?

Who once already discovered the passion of mountaineering for himself, knows all about that suitable equipment for a (life) importance. Love is quickly becoming the main employment, taking every minute leisure advantage to the mountains.

If you will have to take part in an exciting hike, you should have some knowledge “under his belt” and in the real, but also in the figurative sense of the word, dress warmly.

With the right backpack you can go on a trip around the world

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Activities in the mountains can be endless fun leisure if it is well prepared. But how could you know what actually is a good outdoor equipment? You could test yourself or trust the test reports. One’s safety if you think to can, save now already wrong at that end.

For today’s article we have made us, to beat the exciting topic of outdoor equipment. And because the topic is complex enough and not short and brief can be presented, we devote a number of contributions to the topic and deal only with a single search term, called backpack.

You may not save on the good trekking backpack

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Trekking backpacks are the largest bags in the range of outdoor equipment and are designed for serious and long tours. A backpack to meet many professional criteria and the reports after there are many brands that are awarded, what does not really facilitate our decision. Therefore, we have oriented us to the practical tests providing professional Kai Sackmann on his YouTube channel for all the great survival-.

Also, we have searched for models, which is to say not a climber, but also the photographers corresponding to a real mountain tour are suitable. Assumed by the most severe weather conditions and the duration of an expedition, recommends Mr. Sackmann, inter alia the backpack mount 100 + 20 which, in the professional field known brand Tashev. In the attached video you can see that not only the quality, the size and the weight of a backpack of importance are, but also the correct position on the back and last but not least the proper filing of baggage.

You should be well equipped for long mountain tours

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Focus 30 of brand Tashev represents professional backpacks for nature photographers

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What Mr Kai Sackmann to the topic of outdoor equipment means…

We stay at the mentioned professional brand and name the model focus 30, which is a relief for all mountain photographer. A professional photo backpack highly pleased in the mountains anyone who likes to have his camera. There’s nothing better than to explore the world and to perpetuate the most beautiful moments.

In the next article, we want to test offer a backpack and times determine the difference between trekking rucksacks for men and women.

Until then good luck and stay curious!

How is distributed the weight on your body, plays an important role

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Waterproof and weatherproof

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So the mountain climbing can be real fun

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and the most beautiful moments can be perpetuated

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How you arrange your luggage is very relevant in the mountains

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Test several backpacks in advance

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Make sure that your equipment is secure

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Ask for advice, which model the best to your issue fits

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Distinguish between backpacks for men and women

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Climb every success in the mountains!

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