True Beauty Comes From The Inside Vitamins For Hair-

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vitamins for hair healthy diet Haapflege

Vitamins for your hair instead of expensive cosmetics

How much money do spend per month? What goes for one per cent of it for hair cosmetics? Do you have do not feel that these resources for something better could be issued? We already and that’s why we want to give you some concrete advice. You can enjoy life more and spend less money for cosmetics, when you would prepare food with appropriate vitamins for hair.

What vitamins are good for hair

vitamins for natural hair care hair

Actually we are talking here about no alternatives. Even the best cosmetic means in the world makes no sense, when your diet could reach not the necessary balance. Usually, the hair look bad then if lacking in these minerals and vitamins.

Natural hair products

vitamins for hair hair care tips

Vitamins in the form of fruits and vegetables

vitamins for hair healthy eating

The right questions and samples

You need to analyze your eating habits first alone or with an expert. Then it would be not bad, also, to take a blood test. For, in addition to vitamins and minerals deficiency or excess of other substances can be. That would be about proteins and glucose.

Vitamins and minerals

vitamins for hair healthy diet

How important is the varied diet

vitamins for hair healthy diet varied meal

Intake of proteins

vitamins for hair healthy diet eggs proteins

The Super food

There is universal, that successfully and quickly could offer vitamins for hair. This is the case with quinoa. You would get successfully all the amino acids so. These are the main additions in the shampoos for hair loss Yes finally.

Quinoa is one of the so-called “super foods”

vitamins for hair healthy diet Super eating quinoa

Fresh salad with quinoa and Chia seeds

vitamins for healthy hair salad with quinoa

Eat whole wheat bread

vitamins for hair healthy eating whole-grain bread with quinoa

Eggs are also an important element. They can be used as a mask or but also eaten. You have lots of vitamin B, D, and proteins. B7 simplifies production in the body by keratin. This substance makes hair elastic and healthier.

Hair masks with eggs or delicious Eiergerichte – it’s your decision!

vitamins for hair healthy diet eggs


To get lots of vitamins for hair, also through the lenses. But the iron is most important here. The lack of iron may be the reason why the hair is so thin. Also lean red meat is very important in your food.

Different lens types

vitamins for hair healthy diet lenses


Walnuts have the vitamins important for hair biotin and E. Also, they contain much Omega 3 fatty acids. They also say that there are very many traces of the copper in the walnuts. They are also a suitable source of melanin, which has very much to do with getting the hair color.

Walnuts contain biotin and vitamin E

vitamins for hair healthy eating walnuts

Omega 3 There are fatty acids in fish

vitamins for hair nutrition Omega3


Peppers and other vegetables that have vitamin C, should also represent an important part of the menu. Strawberries, tomatoes, and broccoli would be preferable in this respect also.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin c.

vitamins-for the hair healthy diet pepper

Peppers and fresh vegetables

vitamins for hair healthy diet fruits and vegetables


Over the years, skin and hair are very thin. The reason is the reduced amount of Silicon. You should eat porridge from time to time. He is a good source of this mineral substance.

Citrus and other fruit varieties

vitamins for hair healthy diet vitamin C# vitamins for the hair healthy diet vitamin C

Dry skin on the head

Do you have dry skin on the head? It can be that you have too little zinc in the body. For this purpose, you should eat so many seafood as possible to catch up with the need. Pumpkin seeds are also very suitable in this respect.

Seafood – shrimp salad

vitamins for hair healthy diet seafood shrimp

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