Turmeric Tea – A Healing Elixir For Your Body

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Indian spices turmeric tea prepare turmeric curative effect

Typical Indian spices: turmeric and the therapeutic effects of Curcumin

Turmeric is an herb and one of the most important spices in Indian cuisine.

After we the healing turmeric effect already have explained, we would like to inform you a practical idea, how you could keep your body and mind in healthy condition. To use the proven healing properties of turmeric, you prepare delicious dishes with the Indian spice. And you can also do this turmeric tea Cook and drink regularly. So you strengthen your immune system in a natural way.

You want healthy and long live then you have turmeric tea

Indian spices turmeric tea prepare turmeric root and powder
What is turmeric?

Indian spices turmeric effect

Turmeric is an herbaceous plant native to South Asia. Their rhizomes are very similar to the ginger rhizomes, and the plant of also yellow Ginger is called because their intensivern yellow color. The turmeric rhizomes are fresh in Asian cooking or as a condiment used dried.

And when in use the turmeric in the kitchen, it comes as a colouring agent in use.

The turmeric yellow powder is known in Western culture, with one seasons ‘exotic’ dishes. In recent times is much talk in Europe about the healing properties of turmeric. Turmeric heals and strengthens the human brain and fight cancer. That sounds really groundbreaking, but until a medicine is developed from turmeric, we can do something for our health. A cup of tea of turmeric will probably do us anyway…

Turmeric powder

typical Indian spices turmeric powder

Turmeric root

Indian spices turmeric root Goldenseal

How healing is turmeric?

Indian spices what is turmeric tea

For preparing a cup of turmeric, you need tea, turmeric powder and of course water in the following proportions:

♦ a cup of boiling water

♦ 1/4 TSP turmeric powder

Let the tea and then can one teaspoon, add lemon juice and sweeten with honey. Let just enjoy the taste!

Turmeric tea – the secret of long life

Indian spices shopping and turmeric tea preparation

Healthy tea variation is the ginger-turmeric tea. For this, you can use fresh ginger Corm instead of ginger powder. If you find also turmeric tuber on the market, you can prepare a fresh healing Elixir and enjoy it in peace and quiet.

You can find a recipe for a good morning Smoothie with turmeric also soon on our blog and now to learn more about the healing properties of turmeric from the following video…

Can turmeric fight cancer?

So you make a turmeric tea…

turmeric tea prepare turmeric recipes

What is the root of yellow?

Indian spices buy turmeric tea recipe turmeric effect

The Indian spice is sold as a powder on the market

typical Indian spices what is turmeric powder

There are many reasons to love the turmeric spice

typical Indian spices buy turmeric powder

In the world of spices

typical Indian spices turmeric buy

Indian cuisine without turmeric? -Unthinkable!

Indian dishes with turmeric Indian cuisine

Make tea of ginger and turmeric

Indian spice mix turmeric tea preparationwhat is turmeric and how turmeric is prepared tea

Healing elixir for the whole body

Sweeten with honey

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