Typical Mistakes In Men’s Fashion: To Break Your Image

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What are the No.-go’s in men’s fashion?

The men’s fashion has become very handy. She help the men, to build up a good image. It is very comfortable and whose rules are now not difficult to apply in everyday life.

However, must adhere to many rules, so that you build up a good image. All knowledge and skills not sufficient but, if you’re making following fatal mistake in the outfit…

Visible broken spots on the clothes

The visible broken digits need to be repaired urgently, because they just bad talk about your personality and spoil your good looks. Learn where there is a place in your area, where you can bring your favorite items in case of damage better.

Make the right decisions in terms of men’s fashion

männermode men's fashion t shirts jacket

Visible underwear

Avoid it, that they get into the situation that your underwear unintentionally comes out of the pants. That can be perceived by most people in your environment as an insult.

White socks with black shoes

They just don’t match.

These fashion mistakes, because you could once and for all so that spoil your image.

Official clothing you should look particularly at the right socks

männermode men's fashion colorful socks pants shirt

T-Shirts in terrible quality

Purchase a large number of T-Shirts, but rather less, but in the best quality. You will notice that they have so often good shirts to wear, as if they had tons of low-priced models. This is also a moral aspect. Very cheap T-Shirts are one of the worst fashion choices for Justice in our world. Cotton is produced in poor conditions and it is exploited cheap labor here.

Oversized tie

When you drag oversized tie then prefer none at all! Because if this hangs up her belt, you look infantile and ridiculous. If you have no time to buy a more pertinent, you do without it rather complete.

An important role plays the color and model of the tie

männermode men's fashion purple shirt black tie

Extreme long jeans

First of all, the extremely long denim pants are no longer modern, and secondly, you’ll make sure very quickly broken their look. The second is also not a good idea. Opt for models that really fit to you. Can tailor shorten it if necessary.

Be attentive when choosing the color of the shoes and the belt

Be mindful when mixing of belts and shoes. You do not necessarily have the same color, but their nuances should harmonize it with each other.

Avoid overly long trousers

männermode men's fashion long pants boots

Decorated and embellished jeans pants

Decorated and embellished jeans are now essentially become a part of the Unisex fashion. But honestly said, they seem not so really classic and male and we would not recommend it for most situations in everyday life. Rather, choose the traditional look.

Fun prints and writings on T-Shirts

The teenagers, which is usually slightly warped, if they seem infantile, leave T-Shirts with funny prints and fonts… Even if you are mentally not really from this age, it should not be instantly recognizable for all…

Excessive jewelry

If you want to deter people in their environment, then all kinds of excessive jewellery serve you well for this purpose. for a negative effect you can combine the jewelry with tattoos…

Attract the wrong shirt

Vests are often visible, particularly under the thin fabric of summer. It is very important that both items of clothing – shirt and vest fit well together. Rely on your feeling in case of doubt and ask your friends for their opinion. The false vest is one of the biggest mistakes you could make in men’s fashion.

Put more on contrasts

männermode men's fashion blue shirt tie

Tighten the T-Shirt of your favourite teams everywhere

Sporting T-Shirts that you show to your typical man hobbies and that can be very attractive and appealing. If only such T-Shirts, but eventually nothing to attract you have then that can be perceived as distasteful.

Clothes that do not fit to the weather

We understand that you have no patience, sometimes until it is warm enough for your favorite shirt. Still prefer a little, wait until you put on this. Otherwise it looks as though you have no good wardrobe.

Too many Flash colors at once

Yellow jeans, blue shirt and Red Hat… This is a disaster. Dressed, they might go only to the Carnival. Avoid them to colorful looks. If you love Flash colors, then select them for one or two accessories and otherwise set to the monochrome look.

Do not confuse the everyday with the Carnival

männermode men's fashion shirt white checkered pants socks

Wear fancy sunglasses

Fancy sunglasses are not a bad thing in itself, but usually they fit only for a certain look. You should have enough universal models of sunglasses handy. The specific models should keep for special occasions.

Colored sports shoes with elegant pants

So one thing is to combine sports shoes, with elegant pants… It goes under certain circumstances, but it is quite risky. It is clear but a failure to attract sports shoes which are colored. If anything, then take the black or white.

Tight jeans at not such a good figure

It is not a great sin if you sometimes get out of shape. That has with the lifestyle, genetics and sometimes with the circumstances to do something. Emphasize not the disadvantages of your body but by tightening to tight jeans or T-Shirts.

Choose the appropriate attire

männermode men's fashion shirt tight pants large ties

You do not often change your clothes

Dirty and unkempt clothes are the biggest mistake in men’s fashion. If you wash them but too often, they also lose on quality. Would rather avoid.

Too short pants

The short pants are also a big mistake in men’s fashion. Be especially vigilant at the jeans-models. It is all the more these.

Do not blindly follow the trends and fashion advice

You may follow our, nor other fashion tips blind.  You must map also not always the fashion trends, trying to reach your individual style! If you have enough self and sense of style, you can look good even with the outlandish looks. You must select them but always informed and aware, and most ask for second opinions.

You need so much effort to be in line with the latest trends in men’s fashion and so little it enough to make the image your broken. Do not let this through such terrible mistake!

Pay attention to color and pattern combinations

männermode menswear Plaid Shirt jacket grey

männermode men's fashion tie stripes pink shirt jacket

männermode men's fashion jacket wrinkled

männermode men's fashion hosiery boots

männermode men's fashion Sandals socks

männermode men's fashion jeanshose white t shirt sports shoes männermode men's fashion ironed white shirt

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