Valentino Dresses Peace And Love In The Autumn 2015

Valentino dresses heart

Valentino dresses sensual and generous

When it comes to design, all prejudices, concerns and conditions should disappear.

First comes the vision, then the imagination free rein provided. Some organization, diligence, patience, much love and enthusiasm are also the creative process. Order and discipline are also announced, for a fleeting idea or vision to reach the first outline of its realization. It sounds though somewhat fantastic, but the idea is actually light outlines, then begin to grow, blossom and thrive. So and not another is created and developed a creative process. So beauty is indeed.

Sparkling and magical tenderness in the universe of Valentino

Valentino dresses very dark

A tendency in the style of the 70s in fur coats, superbly combined with not washed denim

Valentino dresses fur

British embroidery, which carries the spirit of the Russian Taiga

Valentino dresses oil

Organic, lively, floral, masterful

Valentino dresses organic

We want to report on flowers and blossoming beauty in the world of fashion and design today, at a first class world level.

It has become a matter of course, that Valentino dresses are stunning. That is apparently not enough for the fashion designer who wants to surpass themselves and further challenge as each artist.  Although he has 12 shows this year already behind him, the enthusiasm and creativity in the fashion House seem to spring from.

The flourishing life in a color mood of romanticism

Valentino dresses flowers

Helmer Osslund as perfect colour rendering in the background

Valentino dresses Russia

Elegant staging and romantic aura

Valentino dresses dark

Wrapped appropriately for a frigid walk in the snow

Valentino dresses winter

The clothes that we see are quite different this time in scene and carry a mood of romance and peace. The fall collection is a collaboration between the House of Valentino, the well known British textile designer Celia Birtwell and Italian pop artist Giosetta Fioroni. The floral designs and embroidery are the handwriting of the British, who has become very well known in the 70’s with their unkoventionellen works. Now named Birtwell, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Piccioli Pierpaolo sign their work.

Clean lines and a silhouette in the style of Exupery

Valentino dresses stars Ballet

Heaven and earth meet in this, at first glance, simple outfit

Valentino dresses Brown

Gray drama surrounds the Royal costume

Valentino dresses silver

Folklore patterns in a silhouette of peace from the 70s

Valentino dresses PrinceFür the textile design draw the fashion artist inspiration from the masterpiece by Sandro Botticelli “Spring”. Together with Giosetta Fioroni, they intend to reflect the peaceful mood of the Hippie movement from the 70s. The motto and the heart motif of the collection, designed by the Italian pop artist is “You have the eyes of a woman in love”.  The artists want to believe in an utopian peaceful world and convey the sense of a good future through their work.

Intellectual thoughtfulness and elegance in sober blue

Valentino dresses blue

Floral patterns, mini dress, and French Revolution

Valentino dresses romance

Filigree pattern and rich fabrics inspired by the reflection of the silver Moonlight

Valentino dresses star