Vegan Chocolate Yourself – Here Is Our Recipe

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vegan chocolate cooking recipe ideas

Learn to prepare vegan chocolate at home

Certainly, eat chocolate, is it true? Do you want to enjoy them in a vegan version? It is not only healthy, but also different in taste and feeling what she gives us time. People who eat no dairy and meat products, look forward to this benefit, which may be different for once!

Tasty vegan cuisine

vegan chocolate prepare small tarts

Would you like to try the taste of vegan chocolate? If so, then we are happy! Because we have chosen a great and relatively simple recipe with much concern.

Vegan chocolate cake

vegan chocolate prepare cake chocolate cake

Delicious chocolate without milk

vegan chocolate prepare cake chocolate cake ideas

Necessary ingredients

200 grams of raw sunflower seeds
Some dried figs
Carob flour

Yes, that’s all! You need really not so much to make homemade chocolate. Now it continues with the preparation.

Sunflower seeds

vegan chocolate recipes products sunflower

Dry figs

vegan chocolate recipes products dry figs

Carob flour

vegan chocolate recipes products carob flour

Preparation of the vegan chocolate

You must first grind the seeds and put them in a large container.

Then, the fig fruit would have to be edited. See to that the mixture is neither too dry, too wet. With an ordinary knife in the sunflower seed powder in, cut the dry figs. Remove the nuts also very easily. Be aware, however, that the more the figs, the consistency will be the sweeter.

Stirring until a consistent mixing arises

vegan chocolate cooking recipe mixing

Let a few of them left. If the mixture is too dry, then you can add some more. Now comes the carob flour. You should add after feeling, so that a consistent mixture. You can take this perhaps also cocoa. Both very tasty.

Mix very well and see to if the mixture needs may be something. When you’re done with everything, take the mixture and place them on parchment paper. Form a sheet with chocolate, that approx. 5-6 cm is thick.

You have to count with a baking time of one to two hours. Then, do not cut the cuts after a shape of your choice. Feel free to experiment with different shapes and playing around.

Vegan chocolate with almonds

vegan chocolate prepared with nuts almonds

Chocolate for the cake

vegan chocolate cooking recipe of chocolate cake Somlói

Leave, please ensure that the vegan chocolate and sweets taste tasty

vegan chocolate cooking chocolate cake gluten free recipe

Or so…

vegan chocolate cooking recipe chocolate glaze

Make chocolate yourself vegan

vegan and healthy eating chocolate cooking recipe

Healthy food can taste good too. What do you mean?

vegan chocolate cooking recipe dessert

Small tarts…

vegan chocolate cooking recipe small tarts

…und other vegan desserts

vegan chocolate cooking recipe pie

Enjoy a piece of cake, which is free of animal products

vegan chocolate cooking recipe gluten free dessert

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