Vegetarian Food – Facts And Tasty Suggestions

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1.10 – day of vegan eating

The class 01.10 is the day of vegan food. He is now over, but we use it as an occasion to address the issue again.

Vegan food as a healthier choice

Topics such as GMO, preservatives, hormones, etc are treated all over the world. There are also a number of carcinogenic substances, which are contained in the food. Most of these can be overcome according to the supporters of vegan food.

Vegan food and our emotional health

Here we approach the area of esotericism. This is for more and more people of fundamental importance. For this reason we have decided, also specify the associated arguments for vegan food.

The physical effect is of course also not to be underestimated

vegan food weight loss lifestyle

According to supporters of vegan eating, we accept the feelings of animals with meat and animal products. Because they will be killed painfully, they suffer. The products obtained in an unpleasant for them way. The unpleasant emotions go over well in us and strongly influence our perception of the world.

Environmental protection

Many arguments for vegan food are also linked to environmental protection. The production and processing of animal products is a strong factor for the pollution. Strong bear according to vegan becomes global warming due to the consumption of these products in.

The love for the animals is promoted in the childhood

vegan eating chick girl fond of animals

How should you personally deal with them?

We allow us to adopt an opinion on the subject. Firstly, the arguments are the health, as well as the moral, not unique. Secondly, the feeling for something to be “forced” or “persuaded”, the transition to vegan life makes it many people much harder.

Vegan food must be also no clear choice. Due to this trend, many new recipes and cooking methods have been discovered for vegan products. You could try to the beginning, to integrate them in the menu. Yes naturally follows the reduction of meat consumption.

Only the information about the health benefits of typical vegan products immensely expanded general education about healthy eating. Even if you not do without meat, you would be automatically much healthier living.

The animals will be very grateful to you

vegan food Tierethisch be

Vegan or vegetarian?

At the end, you should understand exactly that vegans and vegetarians are two different things. The first avoid all foods of animal origin, the second to eat no products from dead animals, such as meat and fish. There are more mixed. Some vegetarians eat almost any animal products.

Thrill brought the topic of “vegan food” you?

A fresh salad of lentils provides the body with many vitamins and minerals

vegan food fresh lenses salad

The Mediterranean cuisine is a very suitable base for your vegan diet

vegan eating fresh salad Kiechererbsen

Combine quinoa with tofu and vegetables

vegan eating quinoa salad tofu

Vegan rolls with soy beans and germs

vegan food fresh vegetables germs soybeans

Enjoy often freshly squeezed juices

vegan food fresh squeezed juices fruit vegetables

Steamed vegetables and fresh herbs

vegan eating steamed vegetables spices herbs

Who says vegan food is boring?

healthy vegetarian eating rice beans fruit vegetables

Variety is also of fundamental importance

vegan food fruit vegetables fresh vitamins minerals

Quesadillas just excellent taste also vegan

vegan food quesadilla

Delicious out of the oven

vegan food recipes baked potato mushrooms scallions

Very nutritious and 100% animal ethics

vegan food pancakes whole wheat jam banana pumpkin seeds

A healthy mix of nutty, tasty sweets can be prepared

vegan dinner raw candy nuts seeds

Discover the fabulous world of veganism with delicious recipes

vegan eating culinary delights

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