Vitamin Tablets As A Dietary Supplement: Interesting Facts And Useful Tips

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vitamin tablets healthy eating tips multivitamins

Read this information before you buy that next time vitamin tablets

It is well known, the viruses are most active in the seasons with a transitional nature. So is the spring and the autumn. This vitamin tablets represent a suitable means to protect yourself from colds and Flus. If you are just taking vitamins, it is not enough. It is very important to get them in the right dose.

Too little may be just as too much and cause damage.

Vitamin tablets as a dietary supplement

vitamin tablets nutrition multivitamins

The increased need for vitamins has to do what we do very often with the lifestyle. The first thing we should do before the vitamin pills is to achieve a better balance this. You have to make everything possible to live with less stress and tension. We are also much more moving and eat a healthy diet. Just because we would have been enough vitamins.

Why is our organism weakening?

vitamin tablets healthy diet or tablets multivitamins

What do these two expressions? To understand this, it is very important for healthy nutrition. The natural vitamins come from healthy living products. The artificial about it, obtained as the name implies, on a chemical way. Yes, she could be at times a solution. But they definitely should be seen as substitute for the natural diet.

The artificial and the natural vitamins

vitamin tablets healthy nutrition ideas

The habit to take artificial vitamins, is also a different danger. We mean the overdose.

We think it is important that you understand the consequences of an overdose. Below, we describe the usual consequences from this. It would be advisable to know this before the purchase of vitamin tablets.

Overdose of vitamin A

vitamin tablets healthy diet or vitamin tablets

If you have lots of vitamin A in the body, this can lead to errors in the liver function. Bone density will be not so good, and you could fall ill in the worst case even with osteoporosis.

You can avoid this overdose by taking vitamin supplements.

The symptoms, which represent a sign of osteoporosis are: dizziness, impaired vision, nausea, skin scales.

Pregnant women should watch this especially, because they could damage the fruit by too much vitamin A.

Vitamin B

vitamin tablets health food vitamin B

The symptoms of vitamin B overdose are clear allergic reactions. Nervousness, depression could be connected. The sensitivity of the hands and feet could be a sign.

If you have these symptoms, then do not prefer such vitamin tablets.

Some people come so far that you lose consciousness, epileptic seizures. The heart could be damaged.

Vitamin B12

vitamin tablets vitamin C vitamin B12

Yes, also the vitamin C tablets are not easy to take without any restriction. Many people tend to do this during the winter months. Vitamin C dissolves quickly and yet it can accumulate quickly in large quantities in the body. That can be really harmful.

Too much vitamin C can lead to problems in the bone system. Also the metabolism could no longer so good work. Some people get too anemia because of his overdose.

Vitamin C

vitamin tablets vitamin-c Orange and orange juice

Above all by setting out in the Sun, we win it. In the adoption of vitamin tablets, however, is the danger that the calcium in the blood is too high. So, you could damage your kidneys and bones. It feels too weak, could vomit more often and get constipation.

Eat more fish and other products containing vitamin D.

Vitamin D

vitamin tablets nutrition multivitamin tablets

The fastest, the vitamin tablets of this kind can cause problems. Especially the blood pressure could increase. Rather, you eat so more vegetable oils, seafood, seeds, nuts, broccoli, butter and eggs.

Vitamin E

vitamin pills or more fruits and vegetables food healthy diet

The main function of this vitamin is to promote the blood thickening. In nature, there is this vitamin in two forms – K1 and K2. The plants produce the first, many bacteria – the second. We need very little and it is more than likely that you get from your food enough of them. For this reason the intake of vitamins of the Group K solely as a result of a medical examination is to take.

Vitamin K

vitamin tablets vitamins healthy eating fresh fruit and vegetables

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