Walnuts Health What You About Necessarily Knowledge Should

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Why are walnuts healthy?

Walnuts are very popular with the pastry. This is absolutely no coincidence. Walnuts are also very tasty and healthy. They contain many useful substances for our organism. These include-3-acids also Omega.  Specialists indicate that their fundamental importance for our health more and more often.

That walnuts are healthy, realize many people in practice. Especially those who have heart problems or whose cholesterol level is not in the standard.

The walnut is a universal medical and food, what applies even in cosmetics

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2-4 on the day walnuts improve brain function

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Walnuts for beautiful skin

We often recognize the healthy effect of walnuts on our appearance. They contribute to a much-embellished skin. They are very healthy for the disappearance and merging some scars.

Hair also looks good as a result of consumption of walnuts. Your hair will be smoother and healthier. Walnuts promote their growth and substantially reduce the risk before the failure.

The high iodine content in the walnuts helps of course Schlildrösenerkrankungen

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With the Green walnut shells you can dye permanently Brown your hair in a natural way

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Why walnuts with heart problems are healthy?

Walnuts are among the few nuts that you can eat for high cholesterol. Omega 3 acids and other good properties represent an important exception to them.  People with heart problems are even recommended them.

Nails, skin and hair benefit inter alia by the qualities of Walnut

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Walnuts are an excellent autumn and Christmas decoration

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Good for the stomach intestine system

Walnuts are also healthy system for the gastro-intestinal. The explanation is simple: they are related with the fruits and all of its beneficial properties.

Reduce the stress by consumption of walnuts

With walnuts, you reduce the everyday stress. The exploration of a group of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have issued. Our blood pressure is reduced at the physical level easily.

The consumption of walnuts has a beneficial effect on our hearts

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The walnuts are a gold value gift of nature

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Walnuts for healthy bones

Walnuts make stronger our bones. For the prevention of wounds and their healing they are strongly recommended. This is still a good result from the high content of Omega 3

Reduce the risk of breast cancer

Many studies also demonstrate that walnuts reduces the risk of breast cancer. This fact is known since the year 2009.

Even the leaves of the nuts help in many situations

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Walnut kernels should not be missing in your household

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Walnuts promote the immune system

You want to promote your immune system very much like? There are easy ways to do this. This includes eating more walnuts.

Ideal snack

If you desperately want a filling and delicious meal, the walnuts are also recommended. You need only between 50 and 100 grams of it every day.

Put a few fresh walnut leaves in the larder units against food moths

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Healthy Walnut bars keep fit and tired throughout the day

walnuts healthy bar

Help with weight loss

If a food is healthy, it can have many calories and help with weight loss. The walnuts to prove it. Many people can confirm it certainly also from my own experience.

In last place for the day, we want stressed that walnuts are also so healthy, because they save us many proteins. You are so helpful for vegan and vegetarian.

It’s unbelievable, but with 4-5 on the day we meet our needs for day of fat nuts

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Take just regular fresh seeds and convince yourself of the result!

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