Wedding Dresses 2017 – 50 Nuances Of Pink And Other Important Trends

The traditional white color always dominates the Wedding collections , But there is also variety and tendency to other nuances. The wedding dresses 2017 are often in pink. This color comes this year instead of pastel-blue tones and lively lilas. They dominated in the last few seasons. Within this color we experience different variations ranging from light to dark.

Pink wedding dresses 2017 – often quite beautifully ornamented

One of the giambattista valli pink dresses 2017

Pink and provocations characterize wedding dresses 2017

Designers seem to want to preserve the romanticism of Rosa by many provocative models. The delicate color makes dresses with an accent on the extravagant cutouts look charming and innocent.

There is no lack of provocations Wedding dress design 2017!

Such are the charming, very deep V-cutouts. Laminated, but sometimes also emphasized, these are by sheer elements – knitted or as accessories.

Romantic wedding dress with slipping shoulders

Wedding dresses

Romance and mysticism

For more romance and mysticism, besides the pink color also the many capes – playful in folds, shapes and sizes. And then again a sensual provocation – wedding dresses with underwear elements. Also a hip one Trend in wedding dresses 2017. By the way, he is accompanied by a further, very practical tendency. It is about putting together the bridal outfit from several parts. This makes the whole thing a lot easier to store and to put on.

The free shoulders also strongly determine the mood of the wedding dress collections for 2017. The traditional cut-outs are recorded and interpreted in a modern way such as Isabelle Armstrong. It is based on the effect of slipping – an appealing solution for bridal and dress design in general.

Minimalistic but also mystical wedding look of Dior

Dior wedding dress

The most famous designers and their wedding dresses in pink

In 2017, some of the most famous designer houses created gorgeous wedding dresses models in pink. We see these in the collections of Valentino, Dior, Giambattista Valli. At the end of January the modeshow Chanel Haute Couture S / S 17 was completed in Paris by Lily-Rose Depp in a wedding dress in Rosa. Created in the equally fashionable fabric tulle – an ongoing trend in the wedding dresses.

Latest Wedding Dresses 2017 by Lela

Wedding dresses

Rosa in the context of the current wedding trends

Wedding dresses in pink are also ideal for other wedding trends for this year. They begin with the decoration with ample application of the Pantone color Grennery. Rosa is particularly attractive in this context.

Furthermore, the Boho style prevails – in decoration and partly in clothing. Rosa complements the mood wonderfully.

A current trend is the allocation of lighting a central role in decoration. This creates a romantic mood, which is reflected in pink wedding dresses wonderfully. Fruits, plants – artificial or genuine, are also a dominant tendency and also super romantic.

Giambattista Vallis wedding dress in front of a modern mettalic greenery background

Lily Rose Depp_valli wedding dress 2017

Choose pink for spring

The pink wedding dresses are particularly suitable for the mood at weddings in the spring. The still cool mood is warmed by this gentleness and romance. In addition, the color fits perfectly to the elegantly decorated interior spaces – and we choose this season for the wedding party. But also the whole year you can marry in Rosa – as soon as you want to put the fabulous romanticism into the center of the festival.

Christian Siriano wedding dress with pink-white skirt in many nuances

Christian siriano wedding dress 2017

Francesco Scognamiglios’ wedding dress is light and noble at the same time

Francesco scognamiglio bridal gown

Haughton achieves a fairy look with the pink

Wedding dresses

Ines di Santos wedding dress shows the trendy V-neckline

Ines di Santo wedding dresses

Maids dress dress in pink uses elements from underwear and street fashion

Maids dress luca

Romona Kevezas dress looks very courageous by the fiery accents on Rosa

Romona Keveza wedding dress 2017

Natural touches and pink elements make the character of this white wedding dress out!

Sabrina dahan wedding dress with pink elements

Giambattista Valli’s girlish and gorgeous dress is perfect for princesses

Vallis gorgeous dress

Versace enchants with sensual folds

Versace long dress in pink