Wedding-fashion Guide: Current Trends

The simple bridal gown was yesterday, today, pompous skirts with many embroideries are announced. However, not only as a bride you can with current trends caused a sensation. The modern groom wearing a figure-hugging suit, Midnight Blue has replaced the popular black and also otherwise the Lords with satin lapels and slim silhouette can shine. So shine on her big day want to bride and groom.

It is important to have a few rules to comply with

But beware of the fashionable traps. Like everywhere there is also at the wedding outfit no-go, it skillfully to circumnavigate. Less with trends, but with sense of style has to do, that a bridal gown or even the suit for the groom to the carrier or to the carrier should fitthe fact. Everything else quickly looks like a Panel. It is understandable that every woman likes to “want to be Princess” on her wedding day and wants to bring forth the young girl inside. But a seasoned woman in the best age wears better no pompous crinoline, whereas the young bride early twenties on the stale peplum dress waived.
The figure and the complexion from the dress must harmonize. A pure white dress is a no-go for example usually pale complexion.

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Not only the bride can come in fashionable goofed

Tennis socks are what stands out with a groom also quite terribly in the eye, under the noble chaps. Socks – best knee-socks – and color of pants must be kept in the same tone. And also for the groom is less is more. A wedding dress too sexy held nor an open button down up jacket evidence of good style.
Wedding dress and suit or Tuxedo look best by the way together. The one or other agreement between bride and groom prevents the two outfits are completely opposite and match color or style as not even to each other.

Side note to: also, if weddings are celebrated generally always unconventional, say less traditionally, there are also no-goes for wedding guests. For example, with regard to the choice of colour. So white is reserved as the “Color of the bride” and should be avoided. Yes, the Lady in the center you wants to steal the show. In stark contrast this color is inappropriate in most cases, also black there rather to a funeral as fit for a wedding party.

wedding fashion guide current trends naeem khan bridal

Bridal fashion that inspires

Gone are the days where only once in white was married. Also in the second or third ja-Wort, woman can wrap in a white wedding dress. Or in a wedding dress in the color of their choice. The hippest models of the season inspire the marriage-willing ladies with:

delicate pastel shades
contrasting black
contrasting applications.

It must be exciting

Just not too boring and just not too unspectacular motto of the season. Floral decorate embroideries and elaborate beadwork the wedding dresses of the season. Also shoulder dresses, untenrum decorated with lots of ruffles, have been spotted on the catwalks of the world. Beading or lace inserts on the corsages was not omitted in this wedding dresses. For those who like bird, which decides model made of shiny satin and exciting applications for a vintage. Drop-shaped or circular they adorn your wedding dress, fringe give a touch of Charleston the outfit in the 1920s on the way.

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The legs in focus

High cut is half the battle? At least then if you as a bride topless on too much cleavage refused and remains the legroom of the eye-catcher on the dress. Are essential for such dresses:

clean legs
a healthy Tan
a simple shoe…
…gerne strappy shoes or with bands.

Incidentally, a common issue is whether Bridal Shoes with heels, or those are just trendy without heels. The fact is: both are possible, here it depends on quite strongly, what you feel personally. Who gets with heel pain, can still rely on a wide range of Bridal Shoes. For example, those with so-called “block paragraphs” – pain less and yet elegant.

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The groom carries the

A glamorous wedding requires not only a simple suit. Here, it must be the tails which makes appear masculine and elegant the groom.

Various accessories include tails:

mother of Pearl buttons detachable – important for the cleaning-
a Piqué vest
a pair of pants in the same color
a fly in a matching colour

A tuxedo in black with satin lapels, looks particularly classy and makes every groom to the gentleman of the old school.

Tuxedo or Dinnerjacket?

The modern groom wears on his wedding day matching the outfit also cuff links. Especially when combined with a tuxedo, she put the finishing touches the look. A jabot – the new trendy hit of the season – is a noble touch the tuxedo and who like bi-colour like it, which opts for a bright Dinnerjacket with dark pants.
Only one button of the jackets is boldly closed and classically this season helped a fly, but like to colour may stab something. Possibly, the color of the fly with the bride’s bouquet or the colored inserts on the wedding dress can harmonize and create such a rounded and successful wedding look for bride and groom.

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Currently, a lot is going on

No sorcery is to appear well dressed on your wedding day. Following a few basic rules, you can find a successful outfit when both bride and groom quickly. Some things, such as tails or discreet embroidery on Bridal dresses, never go out of fashion. The trends of the current season have something for every type and taste.
Shiny fabrics, tailored cuts and vintage models, as well as old classics form the wide range of choices for bridal and groom fashion in the current season.

wedding fashion guide current trends of oscar de la renta bridal spring 17