Wedding Planning And Doing The Customs Do Not Forget

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Plan a traditional wedding

The wedding is a traditional thing in itself. This conclusion leads just sooner or later. No matter, whether you want to reinterpret the traditions, partially reject or perform quite conservative, you would need to know this. So, you make appropriate decisions when you are planning the wedding.

To start with the preparation of the celebrations this year. We have decided that the time is now, to represent the real meaning of some important traditions. The below mentioned morals are “Something old, something new, something borrowed from” an extended version of the custom.

This custom has come in recent times by the entertainment media from the United States to Germany

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The Blue symbolizes the loyalty of marriage

wedding planning practice something blue

Something old

Why must we think of something old, when we are planning a wedding? This symbolised the joining of the bride and groom with their families and family stories. For this reason the honor will be allocated also often the mother or grandmother, to give the gifts. Traditionally, it is a family heirloom that is passed on from one to the next generation.

Something new

You need to have something new at the wedding. It symbolizes your willingness to look at in the future. This is “New” for the new Union.

The new is often well hidden under the wedding dress

wedding planning practice something blue rose

Something borrowed

A happily married woman borrows some of the bride. It thus gives her a piece of own happiness in a symbolic way.

Rosemary or Myrtle blossoms are considered as segenspendende plants in the bridal wreath

wedding planning Rosemary flower

The bride and groom jointly cut the wedding cake

plan custom wedding cake

The wedding rings are also part of the traditional wedding customs in Europe

wedding planning wedding ring Rosemary

Something blue

The above-mentioned points are probably known to most people. But did you know that you should have something blue at the wedding? This color symbolizes many of the virtues, relies on the marriage. It stands for loyalty, purity and loyalty. Blue enough to be included virtually in every kind of wedding decoration is subtle. Don’t forget this custom so if you are planning your wedding!

Loud and colorful it should convey his new way of life

wedding planning motorcade

After the ceremony there is a rain of rice, confetti or bubbles

wedding planning rice confetti

An old custom that the bride and groom to cut up a tree trunk

wedding planning custom log sawing

The wedding Waltz is classic, traditional, or simply beautiful

wedding planning wedding Waltz

Other important traditions

Besides this symbolic gifts and colors, we want to point out on following Customs:

Chimney sweep, rice (instead of confetti and rose petals), wooden spoon

The bride and groom cut a heart in the bed sheets, bride and groom go through which

wedding planning custom heart Ausscheneiden

A wedding tree planting and care

wedding planning marriage tree Einplfanzen

The tossing of the bridal bouquet shows which of the young girls will be the next bride

wedding planning wedding bouquet

Kidnap the bride – a witty and connected with cost custom

wedding planning bridal kidnapping

Drinking from the silver wedding Cup announces the connection of lovers on their engagement

wedding planning wedding cups

All this traditional auspicious symbols are also planning a traditional wedding! Did you know that’s a spider was held in the English tradition of the bride dress for luck? How do you find these slightly chilling idea?

A trellis of the people is not tradition, but an obligatory event

wedding planning trellis standing

The rehearsal dinner is celebrated before the wedding ceremony, where usually lots of porcelain is broken

wedding rehearsal dinner planning

It was earlier believed that Bridal Veil protects the bride from evil

wedding planning Wedding Veil

The same is true for the carrying of the bride over the threshold

wedding planning wearing

A honeymoon honeymoon gets more and more the outlines of a tradition

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