Wedding Planning And Find The Appropriate Date With The Help Of Numerology

Happy data, Numerology and superstition for weddings 2016

How would you define “Marriage”? From a certain perspective, this festival can be described as the birthday of a new family. While all of them that there is a happy and harmonious life together in her family dream. Some people are superstitious and others rely on the help of astrology and Numerology in the selection of the correct date for your wedding celebration.

According to experts in this area plays an important role for the future of the sum and the dynamics of individual numbers. Is that true? Probably yes, if you believe in it.

Wedding planning – 2016 is a happy year for your love

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Can you get married in 2016 at all?

“Can one 2016 at all marry?” – this is a question which certainly currently sounds for superstitious. 2016 is a leap year and that brings lots of special circumstances and challenges. We want to reassure those who are plagued by such worries: Yes, you can get married in a leap year.

It’s getting married in a leap year?

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After some old superstitions you should note however certain features. Leap years are associated with large casts and changes dynamically and always. You must also be aware and adapt accordingly. In other words, they should consider a 2016 or in a different leap year to a dynamic life together after a wedding. This must be not necessarily bad, but they should have been aware.

Moving moments

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Let it RIP!

The character of the wedding should be dedicated under the dynamics of the year. Put very much on entertainment, dance performances, lighting and other special effects. The design of the wedding should seem unusual, failed, boldly. Should there already be there in some drama. So you find a varied life in the face. You lose the fear before the hurdles and changes and have inside it.

At a wedding this year you need to schedule so many surprises, as it was only possible!

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Ethnic style

The energy by 2016 is suitable for weddings with ethnic issues. These celebrations are generally loaded with symbolism, which works against evil forces and to restore harmony.

If you like exotic, we would recommend you strongly a wedding with African style elements.

Would they want to organize a weddings with ethnic issues?

wedding planning interesting facts Numerology


We return now to the numerology. This is probably also a modern superstition… But we want to be sure that we have undertaken everything possible for our happiness, or?

If your heart says ‘yes’…

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The day of the week

First, you should select the day of the week of your wedding and really think through. Friday is the most appropriate. He is under the influence of the planet Venus. We think that nothing speaks, because Friday and Saturday anyway represent the most suitable days for all involved.

Saturday is not a bad choice. He is under the influence of Saturn. This means that, in addition to the love, the energy of the material plays an important role.

On Friday or Saturday?

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Lunar calendar and year of the red monkey

Do you believe in the influence of the lunar calendar? Certainly one or the other feels you also monthly at the impact of this heavenly bodies on their own health and mood.

If so, we encourage you to determine the marriage in accordance with the influence of the lunar calendar. This concerns not only the date. With the line of the lunar calendar, you can determine quiet also the menu, the number of guests and the extent and character of the whole festival. If it harmonises with the phase of the Moon, you increase your chances for a happy life together.

Celebrate your love!

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The red monkey

How are you to Chinese Astrology?

In addition to the Moon, other factors also play an important role. According to the Chinese calendar, we live most of the year 2016 long under the influence of the fiery red monkey. This animal loves to make surprises. You are clearly as good or evil to describe. The monkey is playing with. He enjoys watching how burst your big plans at the last moment.

Getting married in the year of the red monkey

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This leads generally to something better. The red monkey teaches us to enjoy life without having to control it too much.

The red monkey shows special affection for people in love and couples. So, if he somehow turns everything on its head – take this as a fun and not a bad sign. In the worst case, he puts you to test and would like to find out whether you are real and deep feelings.

Finally result in unexpected changes and other complications about that everything in your marriage the best developed.

Love wins in the end…

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A calendar with non-matching data

The first step in searching for a suitable date for your wedding is excluding the unfavourable moments. These are basically all data with complex constellations of planets. The solar and lunar eclipses are still inappropriate. Full and new Moon days are also not favourable moment for weddings.

Marriage according to the Moon calendar

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Best create an own calendar and there write all data which is never in question. Until then, read our second article on the topic of “Numerology for your wedding 2016”.

Just married!

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