Wedding Reception Ideas In Different Colours – 40 Wedding Photos

Color and other trends in the wedding celebrations in 2016

In this article we continue with overview of beautiful colors for wedding celebration. Maybe you feel one of the following most appropriate for themselves. This will facilitate your selection on all cases.

Wedding reception ideas in different colors

wedding color wedding decoration ideas

Inspirational wedding decoration

wedding reception ideas ivory funny wedding decor ideas

Yellow wedding

The first rays of the Sun and the first autumn shades are yellow. This color can be interpreted differently. Let it work on you and when she awakens happy emotions in you, then you could select them for your wedding celebration.

Chic accents in yellow

wedding reception ideas yellow groom suit yellow tie yellow rose

Bridal bouquet of different flowers in yellow

wedding reception ideas yellow wedding bouquet of yellow roses

Yellow symbols of love

wedding reception ideas yellow heart chopsticks wedding decor

Romance on the beach

wedding reception ideas yellow beach weddingwedding reception ideas yellow guestbooks yellow rose petalswedding reception ideas yellow wedding decor itself makewedding reception ideas yellow wedding decor itself make yellow flowers

Wedding cakes in the fresh yellow color

wedding reception ideas yellow wedding cakes pictureswedding reception ideas yellow wedding cakes ideas

Wedding in green

Green stands for nature and their renewal. In Islam, it is available for the open doors to paradise. In India, green is a symbol of hope and peace. In all cultures, you will find similar meanings. You have the opportunity to create your decoration in green, almost out of nature’s gifts.

Green is also a fresh, encouraging color

make selbar wedding celebration ideas green wedding decor

Green – the colour of nature

wedding reception ideas green leaf plants

Wedding decor in green

wedding ideas green loop chairs decorate guestbooks themselves make

Green organza in combination with white flowers

wedding reception ideas green organza fabric and flowers decorate chairs

Green orange colour combination

wedding reception ideas wedding decoration green orange

Wedding party in pink

Rosa is a universal color than many of you might think. You relaxes and soothes the senses. In addition, there are many chic pink accessories and dresses for men.

Love is in the air

wedding reception ideas of pink blue romantic wedding decor

Weddings in pink have a traditional and romantic. This nuance symbolizes the harmony in human relationships like no other. To enhance this effect, if you combine pink with white. According to psychologists we opt for pink, if we want to on some upscale feel and keep the arrogance far away from us. Rosa has many interesting nuances, which could be used for a varied look.

Romantic wedding in delicate shades of pink

wedding reception ideas of wedding pink romantic decor itself make

Giant balloons

wedding reception ideas of wedding pink romantic decor itself make balloons

Sometime in the spring…

wedding reception ideas pink romantic spring trees wedding decor

Creative wedding decor ideas

wedding reception ideas of pink romantic wedding decor fun decorating

The chairs in pink “dress”

wedding pink romantic wedding decor ideas decorate chairs

Wedding celebration in ivory

Ivory is very modern for the wedding design at present. There are virtually no women, where ivory is not good. All those who want to stand out and original work, should decide.

Ivory is a delicate, feminine Farbnuanace very suitable for wedding decor

wedding reception ideas ivory Wedding Decor Garden Partywedding reception ideas ivory wedding decor ideasmake wedding celebration ideas ivory wedding decor itself

A creatively designed wedding invitation

wedding reception ideas ivory wedding decor wedding invitation envelopes

Black and white

Who loves the real classic and elegance, should opt for the monochrome color palette at the wedding ceremony. It looks stylish, contemporary, gorgeous and reserved at the same time.

Luxury brands take it up again and again. Examples include Christian Dior, Chanel and Vera Wong.

Black and white and retro themes can be combined with each other well.

Black boards with loving messages

wedding ideas make Blackboard guestbooks itself

Romantic wedding in the big citywedding black white wedding decor ideas city apartment rooftop terrace

Bridal bouquet in black and white

wedding reception ideas black white Brauststrauß white roses

This classic combination can look very stylish

wedding reception ideas black white candle holder decoratewedding reception ideas black white popcorn packaging

A wedding cake in black? Why not?

wedding reception ideas black white wedding cakes pictures

Have you already fell in one of the presented colors for wedding reception? Or would you take rather different?

Pictures of the wedding day – the happiest day of your life

black white wedding photos wedding celebrationguestbooks themselves make wedding white greenwedding blue green sapling wedding decorationwedding ivory wedding decor flower garlandswedding beach wedding decoration weddingwedding guestbooks themselves make Red Roses Bouquetwedding celebration were rope braid traditions wedding decor itself makewedding rustic wedding decorations roses