What A Weekly Market And A Securities Account (can) Have In Common

Editor   September 2, 2016   Comments Off on What A Weekly Market And A Securities Account (can) Have In Common

Comparing the offers in supermarkets and at the weekly markets, as consumers once there have been massive changes in the past 15 years. The meat and vegetable departments of retail have adapted more and more offers on the market. This does not apply to the product range, but refers to the manufacturer. Advertising no longer aims that everything is cheap and cheaper. Advertised are the products that are say, excellent with the name of the manufacturer, the respective farmer. Although we know not the name of the pig, the sausage we just eat, but in contrast to the discount stores the name of the farm at many retailers is now on the packaging. What was always been common at the weekly markets, has established itself in food retailing. The apples or cucumbers not necessarily look like a “model” of the respective genus, for the buyer but knows that it is pesticide-free products that are just little too time thong. The range includes long organic eggs from free-range chickens. With consumers rethinking has taken place. Once ridiculed organic farmers today are the winners of the departure of cheap agricultural products towards ecologically clean farming methods.

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Rethinking not just food

In terms of “Eco” and “Bio”, there was a realignment of the consumer broadly not only for food. The building has been also serious changes. Low-energy houses are now the standard. Solar cells on the roofs dominate the city images. It’s not only the large energy producers, the solar farms operate. Individuals use their houses to provide itself with electricity from renewable energy sources. Small wind turbines with a diameter of 60 or 80 centimeters are the ideal complement to a photovoltaic system. Special credit programs are used to retrofit energy-efficient homes and rehabilitate. While crude oil and electricity, the large corporations dictate prices, new construction methods allow homeowners can solve by the price dictates of the provider. Also if still not the popularity reached electric cars as it wished for by the Federal Government, the streets thereof be sooner or later populated. Norway wants more allow no cars with internal combustion engines until the year 2023.

What has to do with a custody account?

With a custody account as pure securities account, however, the content plays a role. As well as organic farmers have been ridiculed even thirty years ago, investors saw sustainable investments with a degree of skepticism. Mass production in agriculture was also announced as profits on investments. Still are gains on investments in the foreground. More and more investors please care how and where its profit is generated. A comparison between the natural stock index NAI and the DAX30 shows that investments in sustainable corporations profits is not only moral, but flow yields in hard euros. Sustainable investments, whether it be so-called sustainability funds, funds with a focus on sustainability, there are investments in renewable energies such as wind farms or hydroelectric power plants, have found their way into German custody accounts. Which repository of which provider is now the appropriate, remains even put into each saver. An overview of the cost side can be found, for example, on aktienkaufen.com, a portal which specifically deals with this topic. So, as the range of products at food retailers has changed in recent years, so the depot mixtures are others today than 30 years ago – sustainable.

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