What Are Parsnips?-a Particularly Healthy Vegetables

what are parsnips vegetables fresh

What are parsnips?-see we us a German basic food has always been at

What are parsnips?-parsnips, too mutton or venison carrots called, are we nearly fall into oblivion. Until the 18th century, the parsnips, along with the carrots and the potatoes, belonged to the staple diet of the Germans. The potatoes peeled parsnips.

Today celebrates the parsnip, fortunately for us, their return to the kitchen.

Vegetable gardening we have to thank the return of parsnips bio

what are parsnips

Healthy tuber vegetables

Parsnips are among the kinds of vegetables, which are sweeter and milder through the effects of frost. The aroma of the parsnips can unfold completely by the frost.

The parsnip has a very high proportion of strength compared to other tubers. It is a valuable supplier of minerals and contains including potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. The high content of essential oils is responsible for the fine spicy aroma. The sweet taste is located on the high sugar content.

The starch content of the parsnip is high, making it a filling vegetable

what are parsnips vegetables

The tubers of parsnips are very similar to the roots of parsley

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Nutritional values

Parsnips are harvested from September. The vegetables well as baby food is easily digestible, aromatic and very healthy.

During preparation, the tuber is washed, peeled, and then similar processes such as carrots. Combined with potatoes is delicious vegetable puree the parsnips. Stewed and seasoned, the parsnip is tasty accompaniment to venison, beef, or lamb.

After the cleaning and peeling we can eat parsnips

what are parsnips vegetables cleaned


Their appearance is similar to a large, white carrot, for her taste more reminiscent of celeriac or parsley.

The larger the parsnip, the more healthy fruit flesh

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This time, try out the delicious potato pancakes with parsnip and Apple!

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Healthy does not necessarily mean that you must completely renounce pleasure

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The parsnip in naturopathy as a remedy is applied except as food.

In ancient times, our ancestors knew perfectly well to appreciate the qualities of the parsnip. General has recommended the tuber to the strong and powerful people, she was a tried and tested means to fighting kidney stones or stomach cramps.

The contemporary medicine gives their consent to the healing properties of the parsnip. She demonstrated multiple appetising and invigorating effect. The parsnip has a beneficial effect on problems with the metabolism. It is able not only to purify, but also to detoxify. Also, it hardens off the nervous system generally and stabilizes the blood vessel walls.

Try to prepare savory parsnip chips itself!

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On their daily menu, set the parsnips

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The vegetables can be combined well with all kinds of vegetables

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Salads, purees or supplements – the parsnip tastes good in any form

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The parsnip is capitalized, especially in the vegan kitchen

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