What Are The Modern Housewife And Their Home These Days Off?

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Are suggestions and ideas a modern housewife

Modern housewife – how to recognize them

How do you know that you have to do with a really modern housewife? She chose an uncompromisingly modern interiors. If she did, then no doubt you need further, that she’s also in all other respects a modern housewife represented.

The modern housewife before and now?

modern housewife or not

How do you recognize the modern in it but? Our 10 criteria are listed here! If you well remember this, you could be sure that you will never confuse the modern housewife and its interior.

Are you a modern housewife?

modern housewife today features

Everything is dynamic

In accordance with the character of the modern housewife itself, everything is super dynamic in its interior. This applies to all aspects. However, must the whole Act also super poised.

The 50s housewife

modern housewife formerly and now

Original forms

At home, the modern housewife can not adapt to the usual look. Although she gets more and more competition in all respects, she will find a way to emphasize their individuality. That will be the show also in the selection of original forms for the various pieces of furniture.

The housewife today

desperate housewives modern housewife housework

Soft lines

The modern housewife, especially in the West, finds their femininity after the years of the emancipation process. This finds expression in the soft forms, more often preferred them in clothing and design.

Keep up with the trends

modern housewife Lady fashion trends lifestyle

Nature motifs and modern housewives

The natural motifs and their connection with the modern housewives may seem somewhat surprising for some people. Why because really? The modern housewife is environmentally conscious and succeeds, beautiful, young, to be dynamic. The furniture and the accessories the modern housewife always finds a way, to integrate nature motifs.

The modern housewife is environmentally friendly

modern housewife Home Interior design ideas living room table

Valuable natural materials

The materials and objects must be valuable and have this effect. The modern housewife abandons the excess of objects. For this you choose however such, which really left a deep and unique impression. The selection of materials that are valuable and sustainable, is of fundamental importance.

Sustainable materials in the interior design

modern housewife home sustainable design natural materials

Wood in its most valuable form

The modern housewife attacks only to wood, if she can really afford the best of the best. Solid wood, it is hotter than ever with beautiful carved elements.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron elements, to create an easy-looking, but super elegant and sturdy bed, are super popular with the modern housewife. At best, it would be if you fill the room with great accessories in this style. So will the larger piece of furniture, the bed as a central element in the room, around which the remaining details are distributed.

Wrought iron elements in the modern bedroom

modern housewife cozy home bedroom bed

Great room divider

The modern housewife relies more and more on the elegant room divider. So the whole thing feels more spacious, wide expansive and free. These also the glass is used. Painted or patterned fabric they offer privacy and light appearance at the same time. The mirror effects also play an always raze role.


modern housewife cozy home privacy

Room dividers made of glass

modern housewife cozy home room divider

Decorative and structural elements

It may come somewhat contradictory some, to bring together the two just mentioned properties. However, this is true! The modern housewife knows that the furniture must have a high value functional, but at the same time decorative. Designer in mind and you have to have that goal always in the sense!

Enjoy every moment!

modern housewife home wall decoration ideas

The modern woman is creative and confident

modern housewife home furnishing ideas wall decoration ideas

Give your creativity free rein!

modern housewife home furnishing ideas creative wall-design

The contemporary housewife needs a Home Office

modern housewife household home furnishing ideas

…und of course a walk-in closet

modern housewife cozy home dressing room

Indoor plants as living ornaments

modern housewives cozy home houseplants

Retro elements in the modern home

modern housewives cozy home houseplants wall decoration

Living room interior design ideas

modern housewives home furnishing ideas

An example of a comfortable and sustainably furnished dining room

modern housewives Home Interior design ideas dining room design

The workplace of the modern housewife is naturally at home

modern housewives home furnishing ideas Workstation Home Office

The home of contemporary housewife is cozy and tidy

modern housewives home furnishing ideas order creation

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