What Is 82 Million Jackpot – So That Everything Turn On?

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Everyone has dreamed a dream probably ever in life. Even crack the jackpot and off you go. Various scenarios are played out, what do I do with the many money? Where and how to invest I the best? Can I give away my money? I put it on in real estate, I sail around the world, buy me an island in the Pacific Ocean, or I build up my own company?

Questions about issues on which we give some possible answers, particularly on the occasion of the current euro jackpot, which is currently no less than 82 million. So can some with this sum, make what you could indeed also called “megalomaniac”.

jackpot eurojackpot profit gambling money

Once sit down and sort ideas

The big jackpot win. What for an idea, suddenly are all financial worries aside. The Sun is shining and the heart with. In such large sums of money, you need good friends, real friends. Hardly the glad tidings draws their circles ringing already forgotten friends and acquaintances and inquire after the wellbeing? Best man sits down, realized the scene alone and tried lucky enough to grab with the family. And then you should think about, understand and really get started. With such a sum, it’s really hard to think of calculating. Blow on the plaster must be probably easy at such moments. Point.

How about a small island?

The dream of a small island in the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean, or also in the Scandinavian area, why not. After all, all doors and gates are open, money plays here once any essential role. However the price. Should the island be so expensive, that at the end, nothing more about remains, this is anything but a good and prudent investment. She should cost as much, still enough for a luxurious evening of life remains. A small modest island with Palm trees, white sand beach, and a cottage in the middle that’s it? Even if you only occasionally visit the island or want alone that it’s already worth.

jackpot eurojackpot profit dream Island buy Ocean

Our small farm, only in very large

A beautiful square yard with many barns, forest, pasture, and livestock. Why not? As a self-contained act without thought to, if the crop was good or bad. Quasi, an Eldorado for all animals created noble and modern animal husbandry, and get, maybe even in a grade II listed building or farmstead that is restored then laboriously again. The dream of our small farm can then become a big. With enough staff, such a court can be wonderfully operated and managed without that man must stir even a finger.

The dream yacht for world travelers

Who wants to travel like and much, can purchase but simply a medium-sized yacht. With an experienced skipper on board and a chef, can travel, whatever, go where. The yacht should not be too large, because not all ports it can be parked and it run aground in shallow waters of the Caribbean, for example, is not exactly rare in larger yachts. In addition to the purchase price, but also the maintenance is on the subject of yacht not to be neglected!

jackpot eurojackpot dream yacht buy world tour

A Finca in paradise

A beautiful country house in Spain, perfect. For the evening of life or just for the winter months, a Finca with all the bells and whistles is ideal. And if you want, which can pick up yet in Greece, Italy, Monte Carlo, Ibiza or the middle of the Allgäu a more Finca or another House. Why not, so can you then fly back and forth, or fly according to your mood.

jackpot eurojackpot profit finca Spain infinity pool

Save a castle ruin

It is very noble and very stylish if you would buy a historic and antique Palace or a castle of the many money. Then you would do not just for themselves but also for the history of the country. However, quickly countless millions are swallowed up in large castles and their restoration. Because the forests, parks and especially the old walls must be maintained and renewed. The constantly, because old buildings devour vast sums of money in restoration costs, and this usually never ends.

jackpot win eurojackpot castle ruin restore

Conclusion: the bottom line winning great prizes like the euro jackpot is extremely unlikely, but nonetheless it is tempting more and more people, the lottery, on the Internet or even at a local Casino (E.g. system game or just blind sitting – just for fun) to make your own luck on the test.

jackpot win eurojackpot Beach House holiday home sea view

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