What Is Chronic Pain: Causes And Symptoms

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chronic pain fighting keep calm

The emotional reason for chronic pain

New research has shown that the emotions in many people could lead to chronic pain. Many of our readers know that certainly long. Now, but also the scientific confirmations are there.

Chronic pain: what to do

chronic pain medicines medicines

The emotions are reflected on our physical condition. While this is done in the form of pain. At the beginning, it must be not so bad. You could perceive the pain as a strong signal that runs something on emotional level not exactly to the correct manner.

Look forward more often suffer from chronic pain

chronic pain back pain fighting

Back pain in the workplace

chronic pain back pain in the workplace

But if it’s the talk of chronic pain, then the subject must be but particularly seriously considered and treated. Especially the lesson from the results that you necessarily both must – treat chronic pain the emotional and the physical page is!

Emotions are reflected on our physical condition

chronic pain headaches fighting

Keep calm and find cures for chronic pain

keep calm chronic pain

Yoga and meditation will help much in

Yoga for chronic pain tips

Trauma and State of the brain

Chronic pain cannot be explained solely by a trauma according to Dr. Apkarian. Sustainability can be rather explained by the combination of pain with a corresponding brain State. Depending on the process, the brain responds to the original trauma, she says, the longer, also the pain would stop then. This can last too long after after it is even healthy.

Dr. Apkarian

The experiment

Let us explain more about the experiment. 40 volunteers have participated, have modeled appropriate pain as a result of a trauma. All these have been investigated in the context of a year with a brain scan. People have compared the results with these which usually occur in the perception of pain.

Brain-scanning experiment

brain analysis of chronic pain experiment

The brain scan shows what?

chronic pain back pain brain experiment

After a year of 21 patients have felt perfectly healthy. You had none at all, let alone by choral pain. But for the rest, the results were not as good. 19 have experienced chronic pain in the back.

Chronic back pain

chronic pain back pain spine

Chronic pain symptoms

brain analysis of chronic pain symptoms

The scientists have an unusual connection between the prefrontal cortex of the main brain, which is responsible for the emotions and the nucleus accumbens, the adjacent core, which is a part of the so-called Centre of enjoyment in this second group.

The brain itself can feel no pain

chronic pain headache brain


The two brain areas together have worked according to the scan results of these 19 patients. Depending, to what extent the two have worked together, the scientists could predict whether or not the pain is chronic.

What will display the scan results about the chronic pain?

chronic pain experiment brain

Also can be explained by the interaction of the two, as chronic pain and the tendency of people to harmful habits, linked together.

Dr. Vania Apkarian

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