What Is Emotional Intelligence And You Can You Learn?

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emotional intelligence brain and heart thoughts and feelings

What is emotional intelligence and how can you learn it?

Until a few years ago, it was thought only this kind of mind wealth, which led to high intellectual power with intelligence. But is not only associated with the ability to solve certain problems. Emotional intelligence is just as important in addition to the other. Because we thus develop as people and sentient beings. That the most drama in our lives are based on problems in this respect, no one doubts probably.

Are you emotionally intelligent?

what is emotional intelligence

Like the other kind of intelligence, could be acquired genetically or subsequently. Or both. Whatever the reason, we are sure that these can be developed in all people with the time. You must take on a new level. Because only so it stays on the footsteps of happiness.

What happens in our brain

emotional intelligence illustration thoughts and feelings

What is emotional intelligence?

We all have feelings, emotions and hidden mechanisms to be able to handle it. These all are responsible for our reactions. The emotional intelligence will make sure that we understand this and accept. Empathy is one of the highest levels in this development. This helps us just to be able to understand the motives of other people. Consequently, you can learn to find a way out of various complicated situations. In practice can cope emotionally intelligent people in conflict situations, other people influence in groups and teams work well, to endure, to feel the weak moments, and at the other, and also to accept this criticism.

From various life situations find a way out

emotional intelligence factors dealing with people


Many people call this kind of emotional intelligence simply intuition. The so-called listening to the inner voice is the ability that follows from this emotional intelligence. The women are usually better so, because through their children, they had to understand the emotional side of life for many generations. This is probably also the reason why they are better in resolving situations that are not to settle by mind arguments.

How do you think your level of emotional intelligence?

emotional intelligence the brain and our emotions

Resolving situations

emotional intelligence, how does the brain

But you can learn emotional intelligence

emotional intelligence our emotions control

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