What Is Reiki? Do You Know The Japanese Healing Art?

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what is Reiki healing natural healing hands of Japan

What is Reiki, are the hands that heal,

The concept of Reiki comes from the far East, we have found it finally after very many years for us. Still, many people are very skeptical about it: How can it be because the laydown of hands on a sick body can be healing? That sounds very many people at best frivolous and at worst – ridiculous. But the Chinese scientists have actually already recognizes. Makes you slightly less skeptical of this fact? This is practiced in State hospitals in the United States.

Do you actually know what is Reiki?

what is Reiki healing hands

REI + Ki = universal life energy

what is founder Mikao Usui Reiki healing

Briefly presented the history of Reiki

In its present form, the concept of Reiki is an art, which was reborn from the middle ages. Actually, it said this is the same manner as Buda and Jesus have healed the sick. The hieroglyphics of REI and Ki can be translated into German together as life energy. This technique has been resumed by the teacher Usui.  He has practiced in his school of Reiki and at the same time trained people.

Mikao Usui – the founder of Reiki

Mikao Usui, what is Reiki healing art founder

The purpose of Reiki

A part of the Eastern faith of the human beings in General as the nature is also, that you can achieve the perfect harmony. Within our body, it involves a balancing of chakras, energy, spirit and body. When they fall off the track, you can experience the first disturbance in the aura and they changed also its color.

The 5 rules of life by Mikao Usui

Reiki Usui what is Reiki healing life rule

Do you know what is the aura?

To the question, what is Reikito be able to answer that, we need to understand also the aura as a term. It represents the spiritual body of the people according to the Eastern teachings, and has a strong relationship to the physical and mental body. Depression, anxiety, oppression, anger and all these negative conditions damage the aura. This in turn leads to physical problems sooner or later.

Body and spirit

what is Reiki healing hands healing

What is then just Reiki?

The Reiki symbols they channeled the energy of life and makes it possible that the mental and physical body are healed. That’s why you put down your hands at a certain point on the body.

Reiki means love

what is Reiki healing hands healing and love

The healing energy of hands

what is Reiki healing hands natural healing energy

The healing method

what is Reiki healing hands natural cure

The three levels of

There are three levels of impact which the Reiki symbols. You can interact directly or very close by lying down the hands to a point. Certain people can help by the Reiki symbols from a longer distance. Sometime it is as far as you can have also a pupil. Each Reiki Master can be actually if you want to…

Reiki symbols

what is Reiki healing hands Reiki healing symbols

Healing through Reiki

what is Reiki healing therapy healing arts Schmerzenlindernd

How is the treatment with Reiki

To treat with Reiki one can be an appointment as we do in every other treatment. You get once again explaining what Reiki is and what could happen during the treatment if necessary. This is very individual, some feel that their body is numb, others feel warmed up. Most feel relaxed and calm. Some can even fall asleep and dream.

Healing energy

what is Reiki healing art from Japan

What is a Reiki treatment         

what is Reiki healing hands healing therapy

Healing for our mother earth

what is Reiki healing hands healing the Earth Healing

We have healing power in itself

what is Reiki healing hands healing energy

We are indeed divine beings

what is Reiki healing hands natural healing aura unseen

We are one with nature

what is Reiki healing hands natural healing from Japan

Note the power of thought – we are what we think

what is Reiki healing hands natural cure East teaching

Find inner peace

what is Reiki healing hands natural energy healing

The chakras and their colors and functions

what is Reiki healing with chakras energy

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