What Is Resilience And Why Must We This Ability Developing

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How important is resilience in our lives?

How do people with complicated situations and changes in their lives? Such would be the death of a relative, the loss of job, serious illnesses and other negative emotion intervention. There are so many traumatic events that could bring us for a long time out of the socket. Most of us respond with strong emotions. At the same time we collected for a long time by a sense of insecurity.

But over time people accustomed to deal with such situations correctly. Where do you find the strength? Why can’t some people however, to overcome the crises in their lives?

The freedom of the view from the top

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Resilience is the scientific term for the ability to adapt to changes and difficult circumstances in the life.

Something extraordinary is resilience?

Can more precisely explain to us what you’ve got to understand, resilience. Studies have shown that resilience is an ability that all people to have. The question is whether we could develop them and how far.

Robust and firm to go through life

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Factors and strategies for the development of resilience

Many factors play a fundamental role for the development of resilience. The care and love in the family are most important.

In the first place, it comes to the family in which they grew up

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All other relations, that is, continue to play a very important role.

You should give as much love and trust. This builds self-confidence. It is in difficult situations just straight on this.

There are certain skills that are crucial for building up the resilience. If we have them, then we develop them more easily and if not – then it becomes slightly more difficult thereby. These capabilities are many, but according to scientists, the most important are the following:

The capacity, realistic plans to make and then to realize it;
Positive attitude towards themselves and the abilities, talents and strengths;
Ability to communicate and solve problems;
Ability to deal with strong emotions and impulses.

Educate your children in positivism.

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Strategy for the development of resilience

Everyone needs to build an individual strategy for themselves, to develop the resilience in itself. We react quite differently to changes and traumatic events. An approach may work wonderfully for a person and others – not!

That’s why we should have always their own strategy and not only try to imitate others blindly. Some variations are also connected to cultural differences.

Learn more about the strategies for the development of resilience capability in our next article!

Some children need to find out all alone these strategies

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Parents can teach the children of small on resilience

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In nature this happens all by alone

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Determination and confidence are in fundamental

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With patience and time, even the hardest edges are ground around

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Gardening brings us resilience in a natural way

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Love pay from the first day of

resilience confidence dear mother-child

Set achievable goals and be confident!

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