What Is The Organic Cotton From?

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Facts about the organic cotton, which everyone should know

In short, the organic cotton other cotton species is that it has a certified eco-friendly character is different. This means that one has used almost no pollutants that are produced. Continue to the chemical substances were dodged during the processing and dyeing of organic cotton almost completely. You are probably wondering what we mean by “almost”. 95% are in there about natural materials.

And how it looks with the certificate? It’s just the way that some have not organic certified manufacturer, also environment-friendly production. As consumers, who have no direct access to the production process, we can estimate but poorly even it. That’s the bio are certificates. You are awarded after a specialized test and give us the security that we have in fact to do it products with organic.

The organic cotton protects not only nature, but also the people

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How much organic cotton is produced all over the world?

According to studies, the production of cotton rose in recent years considerably and it accounts for 0.5% of total cotton production. The progress is essential. Still we are however far away completely to switch to organic cotton.

The largest producers of organic cotton are in India, Turkey, Syria, Tanzania, China, the United States, Uganda, Peru, Egypt, Burkina Faso. About 222 000, organic producers are cotton worldwide.

Fabrics made from organic cotton are mainly in natural colors to find

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What can be done for products from organic cotton?

Virtually all products, which are made of cotton, also have an organic version. This applies to both the clothes and the different products for personal hygiene. The organic cotton can be used also during the accessories for the furnishing and used.

Fashion designers like to create handbags and others send article from organic cotton

Fairtrade cotton womens clothing accessories handbags

Baby and children’s toys are another very popular goods manufactured organic

Fairtrade cotton bedding baby toy kids textiles

Cotton used the seeds of bio you sometimes as feed for animals. Had you heard of it?

The care

For the products from organic cotton, there are also specific washing and detergent. The lack of chemicals brings the problem that they are more vulnerable to bacteria. The specific detergent help to remove them.

You have today a diverse selection at eco fabrics and textiles

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Cotton has a crucial importance for our everyday life for centuries

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Prefer always the bed linen of 100% organic cotton

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Be chic in harmony with nature

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Crochet and knitting with organically produced cotton

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The stylish women’s dresses from John Patrick for the fall are so highly recommended

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Casual clothing should be of course also completely organic

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And why not get married on the beach in such a sustainable wedding dress?

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Couture organic Faitrade cotton

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Bio and be sustainable for all occasions – recover at John Patrick

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100% organic and ethically on the catwalk

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A wonder plant that clothes us and keeps warm

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