What Should You Consider When You Want To Buy A Safe?

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Buy the appropriate Vault: Advisor and decision support

Do you want to buy just a safe? There has been already decided, but still the necessary technical information is missing you. You are not quite sure what you need for a safe and search for appropriate decision support. If Yes, then you are in good hands here with security. We provide some of the most important tips and information in this regard available. You need to just make the following questions:

What is actually protected?

In principle, it could be anything. Most however are valuables – cash, equity securities, jewelry, coins, expensive collectibles, small arms, as well as other important documents such as tax records, disk, charters or similar. This proves it very important, where the safe is to be located. Whether at home, in the vicinity of the wardrobe, as for example in the jewelry would be the case? Or rather in the Office, when it comes to important papers. But built into the wall and completely hidden from all eyes?

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What type and form of Assembly should the safe have?

Here it says basically: burglary or fire? Depending on what you set great value, also the actual design of your safe depends on. Some of the most popular types of safes are the so-called wall safes. These are installed by a specialist on-site in one of your walls and are suitable for the storage of your valuables and papers that are well protected not only against theft, but also against fire. The floor safes are not less popular. These are considered very safe and hard by burglars. Floor safes are built directly into the Foundation and surrounded with a thick layer of concrete, which completely prevents towing of the safe. Furniture safes for example integrated into different pieces of furniture such as cabinets and are therefore much easier and at risk, but also much more cost effective.

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One more type safe, which very often directly with the masonry is bolted and therefore also considered relatively safe is called the value protection Cabinet or even safe. Therefore such safes for the home are suitable, but especially also in shops, offices and banks.

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What level of security of the safe is sufficient?

In principle applies: you can on the basis of the insurance sum well recognize, how safe is safe. When choosing the right level of security in a safe is especially about the goods of value of is as important and valuable that should be protected. The levels of security at safes such as tresore.de are standardized according to VdS or VDMA. It hard to recommend the lowest security level A and B protection class is more suitable for smaller wall safes and furniture safes. The security levels in armoured cabinets, which are also the most stable House safes and insure themselves sometimes even for sums up to EUR 250,000 and more are highest.

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Experts are often agreed that no one safe from burglars is 100% secure. Rather, their task is the vault so to build that whose violent opening is a long and sweaty action, leading the burglars to despair. That’s why if you want to buy a safe, let himself ask the right questions and advice from experts. Because your home is also your fortress – leave it to not the randomness!

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