What Skin Type Am I And How Should I Me Feed

meal I'm healthy what skin type matching nutrition

I am what skin type? What diet is based on this good for me?

You can significantly improve the beauty of your face if you eat properly. To make that happen but as well as possible, you need to answer the following question: “what skin type am I!”. We give you some tips for it. Be aware, however, that all through the seasons and age could change.

Normal skin

You have a normal skin, if you have any blemishes and pimples. It is at the same time flexible and healthy. Having such a skin is pure happiness, nevertheless, you must not think that she need no maintenance. They should eat with much vitamins and fresh products, so that you keep your beauty. Also, you should use other protection products in addition to skin care, so that the normal skin at the age does not lose its wonderful properties.

Take care of your facial skin

meal I'm healthy what skin type face care

Dry skin

The question is “what skin type am I?” with “dry” to answer? This skin is strained, pale, without shine. Such skin is not elastic, and the signs of aging are much more visible. You need very many hydrogenation products: cucumber, coconut milk, spinach, apples and celery. Extracts and masks from these products receive the moisture balance of your skin.

Drink coconut milk

healthy eating coconut milk drink dry skin

Cucumbers are very healthy, if you have dry skin

what skin type I'm cucumber eating dry skin

Eat more spinach if you have dry skin

healthy eating dry skin spinach food

Eat apples

am I what skin type eating apples dry skin

If you eat more celery, which will affect good on your dry facial skin

what skin type am I celery food dry skin

Face masks are also good for the face

what skin type am I face mask face

Oily skin

Due to the large production of the sebum, you can tell the character of oily skin from afar off. With much talk, especially the area around the T-zone are provided: Chin, nose, forehead. It has many black spots and pimples.

People with oily skin should eat lots of carrots and other products with vitamin A. Are very healthy and useful in the fight against pimples, citrus fruit, and especially Orange and Kiwi.

The women with oily skin may eat more carrots

food I'm healthy what skin type carrot eating oily skin

It would be good if you put on orange, if your skin is oily

am I Orange eating oily skin which skin type

Kiwis are tasty and healthy for the oily face skin

meal I'm healthy what skin type Kiwis eating oily skin

Sensitive skin

You can be too sensitive skin type. Only a number of unpleasant symptoms are inflammation, redness, stimuli. You are often allergic to and with each season, there is a “new program”, the new bacteria according to.

In this case, you would have to take as many antioxidants. Coriander, celery and cucumbers are also a number of other products, those.

Did you know about the healthy effect of coriander to the sensitive skin?

meal I'm healthy what skin type coriander food sensitive skin

Cucumbers are also suitable nutrition for women with sensitive skin

healthy eating cucumber food sensitive skin tips

Celery can also cause sensitive skin

healthy food sensitive skin celery food

Mixed skin

“What skin type am I” “mixed” could also be answered. In this case, some areas can about sensitive and dry, and others – will be greasy. Now, you would have to follow the rules, which just described, in combination.


Usually can be determined just the question “which I’m skin?” by observing the symptoms just described. But sometimes you are not sure. Other people love the tests with clear criteria in turn.

What skin type are you, anyway?

what skin type am I beautiful face tips

For those of you who belong to the latter group, we have a proposal. You can do a test tomorrow after getting up. You can use a dry cloth or a napkin through the face. If no traces there, you have normal skin. If material nothing remains, but on the face there are shed, you have dry skin. The oily skin leaves traces. If the symptoms in the different areas are different, then you have a mixed type of skin.