What Yoga Journal Should You Read?

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4 Yoga magazines in comparison – the recommendations of the Editorial Office

The world of magazines has become these days already so huge that you can very quickly lose the overview. From each theme, you get many offers for magazines. How can you focus on the really high-quality magazine? Here it is said especially even investigate and patiently read through. It is however always again quite handy and useful, if one considers some useful test reports or summaries. They communicate often succinctly the essential information and aspects, which expect one in a magazine. So we’re in the Newsroom at least. As we have decided, you offered a small test comparison in terms of Yoga magazines and for that, we have focused on our 4 favorites. You get all of these in the form of pressure and of course also in the subscription. On their homepages, do you get also a good overview and can order the magazines.

Yoga news

yoga magazine up-to-date mindfulness meditation magazine

More than ten years, yoga currently enjoys its avid readers with more than 100 pages per issue. The writing style is young, naughty and very challenging and enjoyable. It is reported about all sorts of things from the world of yoga. Different styles of Yoga and Asanas are presented and explained step by step.

It is the life and the philosophy of world famous Yogis and teachers reported and pointing out new trends and events. Since 2011 the special issue is published also once a year currently special yoga, how to find a special CD of meditation & mindfulness in issue No. 5. Find more at www.yoga-aktuell.de

yoga magazine current issue 97 april may 2016

yoga magazine up-to-date special Special Edition 5 meditation mindfulness cd

Yoga Journal

yoga journal magazine Asana ayurveda self confidence satisfaction

The journal is known in the English-speaking since 1975 and established, also since 2009 on German trade. Her distinctive retro flair is not to be overlooked. Nevertheless or exactly why Yoga WINS journal quickly and easily the heart of the reader. The reading offer is aimed mainly at people between 25 and 50 years for the Yoga means not only harmonic movement, but a holistic lifestyle means. Meditation instructions and interesting interviews you will find here numerous recipes and everyday tips for greater sustainability and good health. The new issue of the magazine such as reported the latest findings in terms of low carb and reveals some partner exercises for your back. Just look at www.yogajournal.de in.

yoga journal zeitrschrift magazine special issue yoga at home

yoga journal zeitrschrift magazine new issue


yoga journal babe handles for yoga

Viveka’s not is magazine, a conventional Yoga but rather “Handles for Yoga”. So Viveka stands basically magazine magazines from the other yoga. Not only by its scientific content, but also the specific layout. This sophisticated reading is intended for all health-conscious Yogis. It is no surprise when you consider that the editors are doctors. The head of the Berlin Yoga Centre have specialized in yoga as prevention and assistance for various diseases and as an additive to various therapies. Although Viveka is printed only twice a year, the approximately 50 pages provide high-quality, specialized information about the fundamental aspects of the ancient doctrine, called Yoga big spending. Learn more on www.viveka.de


yoga journal Yoga vision Academy austria

This magazine also published by yoga Academy Austria, brings two times a year news from the world of yoga. The writing style is clear and simple. It is reported about Yoga techniques and events as well as other upcoming projects and books. You must be careful! Many readers report that “Addiction” is. And it is still great also, that the magazine for free to get on www.yogaakademie-austria.com.

yoga journal yoga Academy austria logo

We hope our report has liked you and new ideas. Stay inspired and follow the path of yoga in lightness and harmony, but also with healthy care and attention!


Discover the perfect unity of life!

yoga journal asana Crescent woman rocks sky

You can try it with the partner

yoga journal asana Warrior of couple yoga practice

Find the meditation that suits you best

yoga journal of asanas body mind soul balance

Yoga for pregnant women

yoga journal pregnant yogaasanas

Baby yoga

yoga journal Asana practice fitness

Small children go more easily and more quickly into Yoga

yoga journal zeitrschrift children asanas

It is never too late to start

yoga journal online magazine asana yoga practice

Easily held hold and enjoy life!

yoga magazine of yoga practice meditation mindfulness woman pool

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