Where Are The Lymph Nodes And How We Recognize Them?

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Where are the lymph nodes?-a question that must be able to answer any

The lymph nodes make up a very specific system which works against all types of inflammation. Have you ever had a lump under her arm, directly in the armpit? We have to do it, which does its job with a lymph node. This is a typical example, but we can give you many more.

In the following we all inform you, what you should know about lymph nodes.

Some fundamentally important facts at a glance:

The number of lymph nodes in our body is 600,

A lymph node is approximately the size of a pea,

Each lymph node is responsible for the intake and filtration of the lymph in the body.

Where are the lymph nodes in the human body?

where are the lymph nodes dark 6

So work your lymph nodes:

The drinking and the education system are very closely related. Every time when the blood turns a circle in the body, it leaves a percentage of fluid in the tissues.

Where are the lymph nodes? The lymph will move between the lymph vessels.

This is a type of railway, which runs from the periphery of the body to the heart. The purpose of this system is to bring back the lost fluid and thus to protect us from diseases.

The bodies of the bar are so sensitive

where are the lymph nodes dark 5

Protects a lot of movement of inflammation of the lymph

where are the lymph nodes movement

There are also immune cells in the lymph. You are there to protect us from bad bacteria. You work against the viruses. Once they have stopped these harmful elements, they migrate to the nearest lymph node. There the immune cells are usually. They are “sent” from here to the antigens and then again in the circulation system “released”.

After they have moved across the nodes, the lymph will continue through the blood vessels and after they have successfully completed also this “journey”, they go back to the circulation system.

On a chart, you can learn the exact positions of the lymph nodes

where are the lymph nodes dark 2

Under the arm, you can Pat the nodes very well

where are the lymph nodes dark 3

Why are tubers?

Why form tubers under the armpit or at other points in our body? What does that mean? Some nodes gather in clusters. You are at the neck, in the armpit and the Flexors.

So a tuber is a warning signal, but at the same time a very good sign. It shows that your immune system works very well and protects you against serious infections in the body.

When complications with the lymph only medical treatment is recommended

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The following more specifically going forward: once the body detects a danger signal, greatly increases the number of immune cells. In the affected areas is something like a balloon. Don’t worry if this happens too often: This means that your immune system is extremely careful! You know immediately, if you do something incorrectly.

Based on this image, you will better understand your body

where are the lymph nodes dark 9

Swelling? Go to the doctor!

The lymphatic system has the task to kidnap excess water out of the tissues. If it does not work, it can however lead to swelling. As soon as you notice it on your arms and legs, go immediately to the doctor!

Our body is a complex and intelligent system

where are the lymph nodes dark 7

The solution to too much welding

Believe us: you don’t want lazy the lymphatic system! This leads to excessive fluid and swelling! In contrast to the blood system, where everything moves the heart, there is nothing, pumping out the excess fluid in the lymph.

Instead, it moves through the gentle pressing of the muscles. This happens as soon as you move. For this reason, a movement of at least 30 minutes per day is very important. So will keep up the lymphatic system in the normal state.

On the State of the lymph nodes, you can decide on health

where are the lymph nodes dark 8

You can effectively counteract the pain

Once the infection is overcome, the lymph nodes return to their normal state and disappearing the tubers. If it hurts too much in the meantime, you can soothe the body with warm compresses. In some rare cases, if the pain is not over, the swollen lymph nodes could be the symptom of a serious disease. Not to get into panic, but visit a specialist in time!

where are the lymph nodes

where are the lymph nodes dark

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