White Cabbage Is Healthy Green Vegetable – Why?

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Green vegetables – a few facts about the cabbage

Like to eat Green vegetables? Cabbage is one of these products, which we are absolutely used to. They are so common, cheap and simple that we often underestimate them. The cabbage’s is actually really healthy Green vegetable. There is here no reason to the underestimated!

Cabbage is a healthy variety of vegetables that you like to eat in the autumn

healthy green vegetables cabbage eating autumn Vitaminreich

In the autumn, you can get lots of vitamins through the cabbage

cabbage autumn Vitaminreich healthy food

The cabbage can help you to supply the necessary vitamins in the autumn. That is, as we all know, in this season of fundamental importance.

Something about the history

As always we tell something of the history of this type of vegetable you like. Cabbage was first distributed on the territory of today’s Spain. Due to easier maintenance and good harvests, he has spread quickly throughout Europe. There are many different varieties, and they are all very healthy.

You eat cabbage in Europe

green vegetables healthy eating tips cabbage vegetable

White cabbage is healthy, because:

It contains much vitamin C: this has powerful antioxidant properties, can help in the fight against the virus and support the immune system.
It contains large amounts of vitamin A, E and B.
It contains much calcium, magnesium and iron.
According to researchers, it helps the cancer prophylaxis.
He has many fiber: the result is that cabbage is not only healthy, but us aside is also as a good friend when removing.
He is very beneficial in stomach intestine problems.
He contributes to the cleansing of the liver and the bile duct.

What parts of the cabbage are healthy?

The most common substances included in the core and the top leaves. On the other hand, the outermost layer should be removed rather. Due to the absence of a bowl of cabbage takes all harmful substances from the Earth and the atmosphere. You would have to wash the cabbage very well for the same reason.

Beware that the cabbage is well washed

green vegetables cabbage vegetable healthy food


If you are buying cabbage, look him after scarring from pests. These are rather missing. Now, look at whether the leaves are close together. This is another good sign.

Leaves may be never too tight or hard to the breaking point. That would mean that the cabbage is too old and mature. In this State, he is no longer healthy.

Choosing the right white cabbage

green vegetables healthy eating cabbage correctly select

So that the cabbage is in fact healthy, it should be eaten up two weeks after picking. This vegetable can cause otherwise even stomach intestinal problems.

Best eat the cabbage fresh, but don’t discard the many healthy recipes also, after which it is boiled or baked. Do you already have one that you especially like to prepare?

Eat cabbage raw

cabbage recipes salad autumn healthy food

Rich in vitamins and light dish with cabbage

cabbage recipes out food rich in vitamins

It looks that this dish tastes good or?

cabbage recipes green vegetables food health

A common dish with cabbage

cabbage recipes dish with beans

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