Whole Wheat Bread Recipe – Baked With Love

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whole wheat bread recipe healthy wheat bread stark

Bake whole wheat bread Rezept-finally own breads

Nowadays there is much about healthy eating and especially over whole wheat spoken and written. That whole wheat is healthy, even the small children know, but why this is so, we explain in this article. The theories about the health values of WholeGrains sound reasonable, but how about’s with some practice? For example, can adjust a whole wheat bread recipe again and again and create your own personal and delicious bread blend. The bread is an important nutritional basis. It tastes best fresh and even baked. A high-quality whole wheat flour can only increase the qualities of bread.

You should prepare homemade bread with love

whole wheat bread recipe wheat bread stark

Well, ask what exactly whole wheat

whole wheat bread recipe fresh breads

Whole wheat

The cereal grains consist of three parts. Is called the outer shell of “Bran” that is high in fiber. Inside are the germs that contain important micronutrients. The stärkehaltigste part is the core of the grain, called endosperm.

Whole wheat provides the body with nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins of the Group B, trace elements and minerals such as iron, zinc, copper and magnesium)

Use high-quality grains and let fresh kibble that best in the health food store

whole wheat bread recipe grain

The whole is 3) endosperm 2) germination 1) bran

whole wheat bread recipe whole grain definition

Whole wheat bread recipe

Homemade whole wheat bread

100 g fresh sprouts (z.B alfalfa-or lentils sprouts), 500 g buttermilk, 90 g sugar beet molasses, 60 g yeast (ca. 1/2 cube), the 125 g coarse rye and wheat Grist (kibble if fresh health food store or health food store, leave), 250 g spelt flour, 50 g flax seed, 50 g sesame seeds, 75 g sunflower seeds, 10 g salt (about 2 Teaspoons). 1 tsp ground favorite Spice (z.B anise, pepper, caraway or fennel), a bread or Loaf pan (35 cm), flour to the work, fat and about 3 Tablespoons oatmeal for the form.

The whole wheat bread is more nutritious and attractive by the delicious sunflower seeds

whole wheat Multigrain recipe

Boldly used poppy seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and everything you have just to hand

whole wheat bread recipe bread


The sprouts can rinse and drain well. The butter milk, along with the sugar beet molasses heat until lukewarm and slowly to dissolve the yeast. Give the groats, flour and flax seeds, sesame seeds and the sunflower seeds in a bowl and mix the ingredients well with each other. Then, add the buttermilk-yeast mixture. Taste at the end with salt and spices. Stir the dough so long until it becomes relatively homogeneous and liquid. You can now also the sprouts, stir and allow to rest the dough for an hour at room temperature.

You can use sprouts all manner of quiet unlimited

whole wheat bread recipe bread with poppy seeds

You need no expensive equipment or complicated techniques.

whole wheat recipe self make

Now you can preheat the oven to 220° (air circulation is not recommended). A baking pan moistened with water should be heated with.

Grease the plate for the bread and sprinkle with half of the oatmeal. Add the finished batter, then sprinkle the remaining flakes.

Do the sheet with the water take out of the oven and the bread into it. After 15 minutes, you can down the temperature to 200° and bake for 75 min.

If the bread Browns too much, cover s with a sheet of parchment paper!

Good appetite!

If you find time to bake, that’s already a good start

whole wheat bread recipe wheat bread

The body gets vital nutrients through the whole wheat bread

whole wheat recipe delicious wheat bread

.. and it’s incomparably good

whole wheat bread recipe wheat bread slices

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