Why Are Beets Healthy Sprouts, Soy Sprouts And Broccoli Sprouts?

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Do you have soy, broccoli and beetroot sprouts in the menu? Find why this is so important!

Because of busy everyday life, we need a healthy diet that contains more vitamins and minerals. Fresh vegetables and ripe fruits are yet not too powerful source a good, if we have a strong vitamin deficiency. This is the case at the end of the winter clearly and in many people.

A good way to achieve the balance in our body, is the consumption of sprouts. Not all are recommended. But there are some varieties that are very healthy. They are a real source of strength and energy. It’s just too good not to use them.

Sprouts are a source of strength and energy

broccoli sprouts soybean beetroot sprouts health food

According to experts of healthy nutrition, especially following rung are recommended: beetroot sprouts, soy sprouts, broccoli sprouts. There are other common types of sprouts. If you enroll them but at an early stage in your daily menu, you already have a very good base.

Sandwiches with sprouts

bread with beetroot sprouts healthy eating tips

Tasty and healthy sandwiches

sandwich with beetroot sprouts healthy eating tips

Many amino acids

The sprouts are healthy because they contain many amino acids. There’s up to 42% protein – more than in many types of meat in soy sprouts.


Through the consumption of sprouts, you provide your body with very many vitamins. Especially those from groups A, B and C are included there plenty.

Healthy salad with beetroot sprouts

dishes with beetroot sprouts healthy diet tips

Get rid of the toxins

Thanks to the sprouts get rid quickly and effectively of the toxins in your body.

Phytic acid

Much phytic acid is released during growth of the sprouts. It is the main reason why the seeds and cores are digested difficult. When the sprouts, this acid dissolves. As a result, large amounts of magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper and other useful materials away.

Healthy and cheap cooking with shoots and germination

types of sprouts healthy diet tips

Hormonal balance

Eating sprouts is very beneficial for the women’s hormonal balance. You can prevent osteoporosis also.

Easy preparation

The sprouts need no thermal processing. This makes their consumption very easy. Because they are eaten raw, all the good nutrients in it are well preserved. There’s enzymes called lipases, which are responsible for the release of fats. People who eat sprouts, get your weight more easily.

The sprouts contain also antioxidants. They protect our body from the ageing process and serve as a prophylactic against cancer.

Broccoli sprouts look like

broccoli sprouts healthy diet tips

Healthy fast food? Why not?

Fast Food with soy sprouts beetroot sprouts healthy eating tips

Soy sproutsdelicious kinds of sprouts nutrition healthy

Sprouts need no heat treatment

delicious appetizers with beetroot sprouts nutrition healthy

Healthy beetroot salad with soy sprouts

salad with soy sprouts beetroot sprouts healthy eating tips

Sandwiches with beetroot sprouts on it

lubrication bread with and beetroot sprouts healthy eating tips

Different kinds of sprouts

soy healthy broccoli and beetroot sprouts diet

There’s up to 42% protein in soybean sprouts

soy sprouts beetroot sprouts healthy and cheap cooking tips

Soup with soy sprouts

soy soup beetroot sprouts healthy eating tipssoy and beetroot sprouts healthy Chinese cuisinesoy and beetroot sprouts healthy eating tipshealthy soy and beetroot sprouts soup Startersoy sprouts nutrition tips healthy cookingsprouts beetroot sprouts soup with soy healthy diet tipsStarter soy sprouts beetroot sprouts healthy eating tips

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