Why Are Vegan Shoes Better?

Vegan shoes and sandals for more justice in the world

Vegan is already not a foreign Word. Quite the contrary. It is a movement that for quite some time really lies in the trend and gaining more and more supporters. Being vegan means to forego but by far not only meat and foods of animal origin. It is a philosophy of life, a goal-oriented way of life which is based on ethical and eco-friendly principles. So if you decide to become a real vegan then you should dress completely vegan. That is of course only wear vegan shoes. And that’s more nowadays also no problem because you can find vegan clothes already for many manufacturers and even high-quality fashion brands. Why not, it is more necessary to give to dresses up good looks and superior design and to wear shoes with a clear conscience.

Of course you should inform themselves advance a bit more which brands or online shops offer truly high-quality products. Because as also in other sectors, there are unfortunately also here the black sheep. We have researched for you and found out some good proven manufacturers and brands, you can rely on in terms of vegan shoes and organic apparel in any case. So is the case with Noah. This brand has been awarded recently even the PETA vegan fashion award. A wide range of women and men shoes that are 100 percent vegan, see Noah’s online shop. According to their own taste and personal preference, you can buy the right pair of shoes. Sandals, sneakers, pumps or booties – just everything is here.

Vegan shoes are not only ethically correct, but completely safe for people and the environment
vegan leatherette of eco clothing shoes sustainable fashion haha

Stella McCartney is one of the most famous fashion designers that focuses entirely on sustainable fashion. Their newest shoe collection astounds with imagination and fortitude. All materials are exclusively vegan and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

Unique vegan shoes by Stella McCartney

vegan faux leather boots eco sustainable fashion stella mccartney

Sustainable silver chic by Stella McCartney

vegan faux leather boots wood silver gloss sustainable fashion stella mccartney

The designer prefers the street style design

vegan boots faux leather york new york street style stella mccartney

Elegant high heels in nude Sergio Rossi

vegan shoes sustainable fashion high heels sergio rossi

Yes, quite luxurious Haute Couture shoes can be vegan. This graceful high heels by Sergio Rossi are proof of this. They are rounded off with the vegan clutch bag and provide a definite eye-catcher immediately and everywhere.

And last but not least we have three recommended vegan brand for you. These are very popular among vegans in Germany and world slowly also: Avecu vegan shoes, Marvel and Friday.

Convince yourself of it!

High-quality, Italian design at Noah

vegan boots faux leather fabric beige stylish noah shop

When Noah, you will find also great man shoes

vegan boots faux leather eco sustainable fashion noah männermode men's fashion shop

vegan faux leather boots microfasern Italian sustainable fashion boots noah

You find these sneakers in olive green by Dominique Razza in the Noah shop

vegan faux leather boots dominique razza Duncan shop green

As well as this charming red pumps “Linda”

vegan eco sustainable fashion boots pumps linda red Duncan shop

Or do you prefer more robust everyday sandals?

vegan shoes Sandals black white amalia Duncan shop Italian design

Suitable for the environment – and fashion-conscious ladies high Sandals of beyond such gold skin

vegan faux leather boots high heels silver gloss gold high sandal lily beyond skin