Why Is Himalayan Salt Healthy? -Ingredients And Effect

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effect and application to cook with Himalayan salt

Basic knowledge about the benefits of Himalayan salt

We have heard all of the “white enemies” for our body. It’s about the white flour, refined sugar, the usual flour, etc. Thank God, all of these products have already found a current replacement in the kitchen. Today will be the speech of one of these. It is the Himalayan salt.

Himalayan salt healthy effect and application

Himalayan salt effect healthy salt

The role of the salt

It is said very much salt is harmful. Right, it’s actually, that only the large amount of salt is unhealthy. In healthy moderation, the salt is healthy for the body.

Healthy salt

Himalayan salt effect healthy eating

It is one of the elements which are important for the water-salt and alkaline-acid balance in the human body.

To be sure, you should access to healthy alternatives to the usual white product. Himalayan salt is such a.

Cooking with Himalayan salt

cook with Himalayan salt effect healthy salt

Himalayan salt crystals

Salt it draws a large part of the Himalayas from Khewra. It is located in the so-called salt mountains. It is one of the largest and oldest known salt formations around the world.

The Khewra salt mine located in Pakistan

cook with Himalayan salt healthy eating

Here gained Himalayan salt by hand. This is done from large blocks of stone. The process includes washing, drying in the sunlight, a crumbling and packaging. You need no Demineralisieren and additional cleaning because of the ecological environment and the way in which it is obtained. So preserves the natural structure of the mineral. It is a quality product with a high content of useful elements. These include potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

The natural health products

ginger and Himalayan salt effect healthy eating

It is very important to know that the Himalayan salt contains no iodine. Also sodium is present in very small amounts in it. This means that thereby collects no water in the organism. Contains more than 97% sodium chloride in it. The crystal lattice of the Himalayan salt is completely different from the usual and most common salt.

Cook on a Himalayan salt block

Cook on Himalayan salt block application

Prepare delicious shrimp

shrimp boil on Himalayan salt application

Made mortar and pestle from Himalayan salt

mortar and pestle from Himalayan salt

Some benefits of Himalayan salt at a glance:

In normal quantities, it regulates the salt balance in a very healthy way;
Is actively involved in the regulation of alkaline-acid balance;
Has a strong detoxifying effect (it’s very good, if you drink a glass of water with a half tablespoon Himalayan salt);
Helps for maintaining the cell structure;
Regulates blood pressure and strengthens the blood vessels;
Reduce the bad cholesterol;
It has a pleasant effect on the respiratory system;

Helps in many skin diseases and regulates the pH value;
Himalayan salt also has an antiseptic effect;
Himalayan salt supports the system of bones, joints and muscles;
Regulates the work of stomach intestinal system;
Improves the properties of the amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

Take advantage of the healthy effect of Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt shopping healthy eating tips

Interior design

Himalayan salt has many other healthy, but also interesting bets. We do not intend to enumerate all of these now. But we want to do a recent exciting excursion. Himalayan salt is a wide usage in the interior design. It occurs also in following cases to use: wall panels, preparation of fireplaces, countertops, creating mixtures, which purify the air, etc.

Himalayan bath salts for relaxing moments in the bathtub

Himalayan salt application bath salts bath company

If you want to keep the good effects of the Himalayan salt for a long time, you should do this in a dry and well ventilated place. Keep away directly and indirectly it from the sunlight. Buy the best large crystals and grind them just before using.

Salt crystal lamps as a chic home accessories

Himalayan salt application In indoor design table lamps

Salt lamp on the coffee table

Himalayan salt application living room decoration coffee table

Also as a bedside lamp applicable

Himalaya salt effect bedside lamp houseplant bedroom

Create a relaxing atmosphere with salt lamps and essential oils

Himalaya salt effect table lamp oil

A houseplant completes the picture

Himalaya salt effect table lamps houseplant

Creating Zen atmosphere

Himalaya salt application as Dekoartikel Buddha statue

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