Why Should We Choose Clothes For Bio?

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What is hiding under the organic clothing

Why should you wear nowadays more and more natural textiles, instead of artificial substances? The reason for this is that you now know from personal experience, they are healthier and more comfortable. Because it is just so much more buyer clothing opt for organic. It is more expensive, but longer can withstand, and protects our health. Our skin is not irritated. We will have to spend much less money for cosmetics in the long run. Seen in this way, the organic represents clothing rather the cheapest choice.

Let us not forget that we protect our environment through conscious decision for the organic clothing. Is no price too high for the pure nature, right?

Prefer healthy, valuable natural fabrics and yarns

organic clothing cotton natural healthy cuddly

More about the health benefits of organic clothing

Most organic clothing will organic cotton produced. The chemicals used in the production of non organic, are some of the most damaging, which is there at all. They cause many allergies and are carcinogenic according to some health experts.

More benefits for the environment

Did you know that 25% of insecticides and 10% of the pesticides in the world are used for the production of cotton? While it constitutes only 3% of the cultivated production. This is necessary because the cotton for many different diseases is vulnerable.

Not only vegan food, but also vegan is dressed

organic clothing cotton vegan clothes

In the end, the conventional production of cotton leads to a too much pollution. Much due to the mentioned diseases will be lost in the organic production. However, the remaining product is very healthy. The smaller amount who get such manufacturer that is also the reason why it is much more expensive.

Through the organic choice, you help many people to stay healthy

Pesticides are toxic to people, which is also a long time after the harvest put on the clothes. And what is left for those who edit the production? They affect your own health through the direct examination of the chemicals even more.

Remain indifferent – Act!

organic clothing cotton healthy eco-friendly

You save lives

Chemical cotton production entails many risks. The chemicals require a great investment. However, this does not guarantee that you will have a successful crop. You will sometimes fail despite of all trouble. Unfortunately, because of this many people into extreme debt. Some commit suicide.

The organic clothing is a moral, but also long term well considered decision. It is understandable that one often have inhibitions to pick the more expensive of two pieces of clothing. However, you should consider good, whether you thereby not would save much more money in the long run.

Please times times for Brigitte , which providers clothes belong to the best shops and labels of sustainable bio.

Organic cotton you can find very fine evening dresses

organic clothing cotton stylish dresses fashion healthy

You should choose very carefully especially fine lingerie and sleep gowns

organic clothing baby clothes linen summer dress

Find your perfect bio scarf for the winter season

organic clothing cotton wool winter fashion of scarves

You will find warm and cozy cardigans and West such as at Greenality

organic clothing Womens Cardigan knitted Greenality

Even to your graduation, you can go very chic bio

organic clothing elegant womens clothing evening dress

Are they elegant with a clear conscience

organic clothing healthy womens clothing in natural fabrics colors

Feel sound quality on your skin

organic clothing natural textiles healthy life womens clothing environmentally friendly

Yoga organic clothing for a still purer experience

organic Yoga clothing dresses healthy eco-friendly

100% organic guarantee quality for your baby

organic clothing baby clothes healthy substances textiles

The best cotton is always organic and fair

organic clothing cotton natural products textiles healthy dresses wearing

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