Why These 10 Plants, Grains And Nuts Are Healthy For Us

How well do you know these plants seeds and nuts?

Seeds, nuts, and seeds are an important food supplement to our daily requirement of vitamins, minerals and fats. Especially the nuts are a gift of nature for our hearts. The healthy fats contained therein, to protect people from heart disease. We discuss what are the top 10 healthy plants, grains and nuts and why we eat every day should they, in the following post.

How important are the plants seeds for our health?

grains planting nuts healthy healthy living leinsamen2Mandeln

Almonds may lower cholesterol, improves blood circulation and increases the performance of the heart and brain.  Also almonds strengthen the bones, reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 and fight constipation with success. As a dietary supplement, they supply the body with vitamin E, selenium, and simple unsaturated fats.

Tonsils are raw or roasted in small quantities very healthy for us

grains planting nuts healthy living healthy almonds

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are the natural cancer prevention, protect against cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease and prevent premature aging. A natural and good remedy against anaemia.

PARA nuts are good for anemia

almonds grains planting nuts healthy healthy living Brazil nutsCashews

The various nutrients in the cashews-nuts are a good energy suppliers and also protect the heart from bad diseases. Cashews are also very helpful in PMS and maintain healthy skin, eyes and hair.

A healthy heart by cashews

grains planting nuts healthy living healthy almonds cashewsChia seeds

The consumption of Chia seeds can reduce joint pain and regulate metabolism. Chia seeds will help the weight loss and brain and body are revitalised. You can apply the seeds well for depression

Chia vitalizes

plant grains nuts healthy living healthy honey flax seed

Flax seeds enhance metabolism and help if you want rid of a few pounds. The cholesterol is melted and softened the PMS. If you have problems with blood sugar values, these are regulated by taking flax seed. Preventive against cancer, you can eat flax seed.

Carminative and helpful for PMS

grains planting nuts healthy healthy living kürbiskerne2Pinienkerne

The free radicals in the body are countered by the nutrients contained in the pine nuts. The pine nuts, stimulate the appetite and have a vitalising effect.

Cooking makes the meal even healthier with pine nuts

grains nuts healthy living healthy pine trees kerne2kuerbiskerne

Pumpkin seeds strengthen the immune system generally, regulate blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, keep the heart and the prostate healthy and avoid the development of some types of cancer.

Good for heart and prostate

grains planting nuts healthy healthy living kürbiskerne2Sesam

Sesame seeds can lower blood pressure, strengthen the bones, and relieve the PMS. In addition, they support the health of the liver and can reduce the symptoms of migraine.

Sesame is good for hair, skin and nails

grains planting nuts healthy healthy living sesam2Sonnenblumenkerne

Sunflower seeds are good for the heart, weaken the symptoms of asthma, calm nerves and reduce the pain in arthritis.

In fact, the nourishment calms the nerves

seeds nuts healthy living healthy sunflower kerne2


Regular consumption of walnuts decreases the likelihood of disease in the breast or prostate cancer, and lower blood pressure. Walnuts are very good for skin and hair and improve the performance of the brain.

Increased brain power and protect against cancer by walnuts

grains planting nuts healthy living healthy Walnut