Why You Chocolate Decisions Should Be For Fair Trade

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Fairtrade chocolate cocoa beans fair traded

Interesting facts about the fair trade chocolate

Sweet without any bitterness! Feel the noble sweetness of Fairtrade chocolate and do something in this world at the same time. If you not leave indifferent concepts such as social responsibility, environmental protection and sustainability, then you are in good hands with products Fairtrade. With a fair purchase contribute not only to a secure and better life for the small farmers in the producing countries, but promote environmentally friendly agriculture, at the same time reducing the use of pesticides and harmful substances. Fair trade secures not only solid, reasonable prices for the producers. Turning off middlemen well maintained the direct relationships between the farmers and the chocolate manufacturers in this particular case. So, the trade Gets a human, social face. It takes care of the real working conditions and sustainability of cooperatives, in which the smallholders are United.

Noble sweetness and good conscience

Fairtrade chocolate cocoa beans

Particularly well-known Fairtrade companies such as luggage, El Puente or dwp set a high store. All products marketed by them, meet rigorous standards and ensure not only the fixed minimum price for producers, but support numerous community projects and give the people more hope and security for the future. A key point for Fairtrade is also the prohibition of child and forced labor – two terrible phenomena, which are unfortunately commonplace in countries of the third world.

Trade may work differently

Fairtrade chocolate cocoa coffee products

Often it is thought that only a purchase, a voice or an action to move anything. Disconnect from this mindset and learn the importance of your decisions to appreciate. By your conscious, responsible consumption, you can cause much but quite beautiful. No doubt. And if next time the temptation of chocolate melts on your tongue, you remember. So, the pleasure is even more intense, because behind the purity of social justice and human ethics.

Taste the happy life in every bite

Fairtrade chocolate cocoa beans dry harvest

Often simply go in the world shops and explore the diverse selection of fair trade products. There you will find not only premium chocolate, but also coffee and tea from all over the world. Artful craft, valuable textiles, fruits, beverages and much more is waiting there.

Chocolate find fair trade in all possible varieties

Fairtrade chocolate cocoa chocolate specialties

The rapid development of the fair trade industry has made it possible to buy food from the fair trade in supermarkets. Although this fact is heavily criticised by many passionate Fairtrade defenders, it also has a positive side. They popularized the fair trade products and gives you a chance to opt for a responsible purchase even more consumers. The exercises on the other hand a much stronger pressure on the big food producers like Cargill, Nestlé and Mars. You are committed already to go towards fair trade. And although the Fairtrade label UTZ, these companies used, can compare with the higher standards of FLO (fair trade international), it is already a step forward.

Explore the fabulous world of fair trade products

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Our Tip: Pay attention to the Fairtrade-certified by FLO and prefer these products above all others that are marked with other seals. With this seal, you can be much safer that the social and environmental standards have been respected. So, you get not only high quality but really real fair trade products, which you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

Don’t forget – we are one!

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Looks like Joie de vivre

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Happy and worthy living

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Education and happy childhood

Fairtrade chocolate cocoa products school education

Dialogue between small farmers and producers

Fairtrade chocolate cocoa fair prices

Bring the world closer with every Cup

Fairtrade chocolate cocoa coffee African

Give the gift of delicious justice

Fairtrade chocolate cocoa sweets

Fair bake with love

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FAIR tastes better

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