Why You Should Cook Clams And Meet?

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So easy you can cook clams

The summer is impatiently expected of all of us, is it true?. Many then surely somewhere will make summer vacation by the sea, and would like to more about the shells, their specifics and cooking information. Because they are a delicacy often prepared on the coast.

Cook mussels and enjoy with wine

mussels Cook close Starter cutlery set of delicious cilantro

Just a few minutes in salted water the possibility to evaporate

mussels cook Italian black mercado recipes Leek

Are you ready for our little introduction?

As you may know, there are molluscs with the Latin name of Bivalvia. You are protected by calcareous shells. You know thousands of different types of shells, most living in the sea and in freshwater…

Mussels should be always fresh

mussels cook Italian black mercado recipes Leek

Simple, but beautifully arranged

mussels Cook close cooked

Some varieties are a delicacy, such as  the variety of Saint Jaques which are a widely used traditionally in French gastronomy, and currently in the gourmet world.

The following information refer to more or less all kinds of shells, with some variations in the varieties are quite possible.

Mussels not only watch the pizza well

shells close Italian cook

With fresh herbs and tomatoes a la Mediterrana

mussels Cook close Italian black mercado recipes

Raw and healthy mussels are closed


Nutritional values

In General, the shells can be described as a low-calorie and healthy food. You have less than 140 calories per 100 grams, and of which only 3 calories are fat. Around 65 mg cholesterol and less than 8 grams carbohydrates contained in the just mentioned amount. The protein is less than 24 grams. The shells contain a lot of water – approximately 66 ml..

Shellfish like all seafood supply your body with good protein

mussels Cook close Italian black raw cooked

Benefits for health

Thanks to the delicious mussels, to secure a large amount of proteins, and thereby occupy so many calories. They are also very healthy, if you want to make a diet. The shells have lots of vitamin A and D, have the minerals zinc, phosphorus, and iodine. All these substances are important for the body health.

You can prepare delicious and simple salads made from shells

shells close Italian cook

The risks

Unfortunately, the mussels due to pollution take more and more risks to our health. You have the ability to filter water. Every single Mussel filters about 80 litres of water every day and they can contain this toxic substances. Many dangerous viruses and germs can spread this way.

Sun-dried tomatoes and Croutons – you look beyond your own horizons

mussels Cook close soup

The bivalve molluscs must come from a region without significant environmental problems.

You should select them mainly according to this criterion. Furthermore, it is important that you buy fresh mussels. The shell supposed to be right and it must be no strong smell.

Mussels with parsley and white wine – a tasty summer meal

mussels Cook close Starter

Mussels you can manually Peel, but also to manage with cutlery

mussels Cook close Starter cutlery set

Different recipes

In the Internet you will find a number of great recipes with mussels. We would give but now some hints how you can enjoy them. They can be cooked and flavored in various ways.

Clean mussels thoroughly before cooking

mussels Cook close Starter cutlery set tasty smoked

Season with Lovage or coriander

mussels Cook close Starter cutlery set of delicious cilantro

On the Grill also mussels can come

mussels Cook close Starter cutlery set grill

Still, there are a number of tasty shellfish salad.

The mussel dishes with tomatoes are also very popular, including soups.

mussels Cook close Starter cutlery set tasty soup flavored

shells close Italian cook

Have you already tried pizza with seafood, including also mussels? This is a more delicious food you can prepare at home.

Always a good white wine fits to the delicious Mussel dishes!

mussels Cook close Italian black raw

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