Wide Women’s Pants: News In Summer 2017

Do you prefer wearing very wide ladies’ trousers or rather those that sit tight? There is a suitable style for both answers this summer. Both the wide trousers, as well as the narrower with floral patterns are announced. Modern are also the jeans: The current models are among the must-haves in summer 2017.

One by one we describe the respective trends. In this article we devote ourselves to the modern wide ladies’ trousers, the special features of this season and the appropriate combinations.

Wide designer pants in effective combinations on the fashionpodies

White trousers in kotrast with black shell

Different wide ladies’ trousers can be seen on the fashionpots

This year the designers often put on wide and super wide pants. The comfort is the connecting element and they show a lot of variety. This is also logical: as soon as you feel good in a piece of clothing, you are more self-assured. Thus, one can show more courage in the selection of patterns or fabrics.

In the case of long trousers we have a great variety also in length and in selected colors. Everything points to the fact that the wide ladies’ trousers have a large Success in summer 2017 To be celebrated.

The bright color combinations are added to the wide cuts

Wide green trousers in green of rochas

The designer women’s pants

There are designer pants of different brands in three-position, wide and super-wide. Such show The collections By Rochas, Gucci and Dries Van Noten. These three preferred the neutral colors and decided for many interpretations of classical models.

With another group of designers, we are discovering exactly the opposite – Céline , Proenza Schouler and John Galliano show wide cuts reminiscent of pajamas or oriental ladies’ trousers.

Everywhere, they decided to use more modern fabrics such as leather and golden brocade.

Elegant summer trousers are available at Proenza Schouler

Proenza schouler wide white ladies trousers

Wide trousers for the summer

The collections of Proenza Schouler and Dries Van Noten are probably the best inspiration for wide summer pants. They are made in bright colors and are made of linen or cotton.

From Proenza Schouler you will find great wide ladies’ trousers in leather

Black leather trousers

Matching combinations

The main danger when wearing wide ladies’ trousers is to exaggerate with the volume. This is avoided by choosing the right upper part. Choose the right fit for your body. The latter also refers to the jacket. Wide women’s pants are by the way a great excuse for putting on lovely tops in the summer.

For a date in the evening we would recommend a top made of leather. Casual are the combinations with sweaters or a white shirt.

Choose the wide pants for a provocative summer look

Provocative look ladies pants in wide

For every occasion in everyday life

There are many models for different occasions on the fashionpots. Some are suitable for the hot summer days and others can make the accent in your evening look. Surprisingly succeeded are the business looks in such a style. Most designers rely on combinations with tops in the same color and a shirt in color, each emphasizing the individuality of the lady. The latter is sometimes also achieved with patterns.

So you have no excuse to find an ideal outfit with wide trousers in your wardrobe.

Monochrome look in black wig with wide ladies’ trousers

Ladies suit with black wide trousers in black

Floral patterns and wide cut are modern in the women’s pants 2017

Floare patterns and wide cut come together

Playful handling with color and length is the order of the modern wide ladies pants

Yellow and relatively short wide trousers

Elegant cuts for business women in the women’s pants

Gucci also shows wide pants in the collections

Vintage points are often found in the modern wide ladies’ trousers


With a wide ladies’ trousers you can reach a stunning summer look


Official looks for autumn and winter with wide trousers are also modern


Vintage floral patterns are now in!


Green blue outfit with wide pants

Wide ladies trousers in green combined with blue top

Trousers under the knee are also current

From the knee-spreading ladies trousers

Vintage stripes and yellow also make a modern combination 2017


Wild leather with not super long wide pants – great for the evening and the autumn

Wild leather-is-also-used