Women’s Hairstyles – Everyday And Festive Hairstyles 2015

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festive hairstyles cool Frsuenfrisuren long hair

Women’s hairstyles for everyday and special occasions

Long hair! So is the trend for 2015 forget the alternatives, many specialists advise. While this trend relates to the everyday, as well as the festive women’s hairstyles.

Style long hair style

women's hairstyles of long hair pony lifestyle trends

Slightly style the hair for the evening

The good thing about the Langhaarfrisuren is that they can pass easily from the everyday in the festive. You need only a few styling means and tricks and already have nothing a super official look like from the.

Pony and curl combine

women's hairstyles waves Brown pony

Such approaches where it is makes life easier, if possible of course, but at the same time super stylish looks and are super modern in this season.

Charming appearance

women's hairstyles of long hair blond boho waves

But we move on now to the specific examples…


The pigtails are super suitable for everyday and formal hairstyles. They offer romance in many different versions. The braids, which are “coincidentally” between casual falling hair are super modern. With a bit more Polish, more structure and maybe have a more original way of entanglement has all the makings of a super original wedding hairstyle.

Create original hairstyle with braids

festive hairstyles women long hair braid

Long hair with braids

women's hairstyles of long hair blond braid

Accessories in your hair

This can make the festive hairdo almost alone in this season. Here it should be noted once again the difference to everyday life: If you want to work officially, the hair must not casual look and must keep their shape. Have even more shine. You would need to achieve above all a super neat form in the festive hairdo and must pass through that remain suitable cosmetics also untouched. In addition it is sufficient but also that you simply create the definitive glamour by some accessories.

Refresh the style accessories

women's hairstyles of long hair accessories waves

Wet look for your hair is super trendy!

Could cause the wet effect to use, when the modern festive women’s hairstyles for 2015. Hair that look as if they come out of the water, are super original. You should bring this to use foam, gel or wax. All other damaged hair.

Beautiful wet effect

festive hairstyles women hairstyles long wet look hair

Stylish woman hairstyle

festive hairstyles long hair Frauenfriuren wet effect

Hair parting in the Middle

Want you simple, yet retro, and thus also still original work? Put on the vision with the separation of the hair right in the Middle over your forehead. Understood traditionally as good, this look is somehow great provocative with an effective evening dress, don’t you find?

Vertex in the Middle

women's hairstyles of long hair Jessie J hair parting

The boho waves

The boho waves are back and they are once again super modern. They are also super transformation enabled. Make the boho waves in the morning and apply some more hair gel or lacquer in the evening, to achieve the aura of a festive hairdo.

Blonde hair with waves

women's hairstyles boho waves long hair

Fresh boho waves

women's hairstyles of long hair boho waves

Hairstyles bangs stay in the trend!

Forget the pony, which hides your face in the women’s hairstyles by this summer. You must look natural again, like everything else. By hiding or styling of this, you can create a festive hairdo again immediately.

Pony hairstyle with ombre effect

women's hairstyles long hair pony ombre effect

Long Bob hairstyles

This hairstyle is so popular among the Hollywood stars is all about not out of fashion. The long versions with a slight twisting of the ends would be super fit.

Do you like the Bob hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston?

festive hairstyles of long hair blonde Bob hairstyle

The long straight hair can look attractive

festive hairstyles of long hair blonde

Soft waves

women's hairstyles of long hair pony shaft

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