Women’s Jewelry 2016 – Stylish, Individually And Trendy!

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current fashion trends bracelet solid of fashion accessories women

Women’s jewelry 2016 – what are the trends for this year?

Massive necklaces and bracelets, original long earrings and even women’s jewelry from metal, leather, plastic – these are the trends with which the ladies, may 2016 to decorate. In short the current season could be described as “greater accent on the details”.

Bracelets rings properly combined with women’s jewelry-

current fashion trends of women accessories bracelets combine rings

A further characteristic is the universal nature of women’s jewellery this season. The large and magnificent jewels fit not only to a higher, but any any social status.

The long earrings

Closer we look at the trend with the long earrings, which are worn by many ladies like. These include not only the extended original form, but also different textures, colors and sizes. The more you are, the better – these are the tips of the current fashion experts.

Women’s jewelry – long earrings are elegant

current trends of fashion earrings women long style

Complete your outfit with matching earrings

women's jewelry fashion trends women accessories long earrings

Achieve a unique look by extravagant earrings

women's jewelry fashion trends interesting earrings

Find the matching earrings, which become an accent in your outfit

current trends of fashion earrings women's fashion accessories

Kaffa earrings

Kaffa is especially up-to-date earrings. That has certainly among others a very practical explanation. The Kaffa earrings are easy and they can strain your Ohre never.


The bracelets are a piece of jewelry with great force. You can draw the attention on the woman’s hand so. This year they are very striking and gorgeous like everything else in women’s jewelry. Gold chains, bead arrays and bold pieces of plastic characterize trends in the bracelets this year. The latest looks in ethnic style are modern. Jeans, often combine with modern women’s jewelry from leather.

Simple and very elegant look with the right accessories

current fashion trends women jewelry trends 2016 bracelets

The right jewelry gives the desired look

women's jewelry Otis Jaxon silver jewellery bracelet

Modern women’s jewelry for the neck

Especially when the necklaces, the massive look is particularly striking and modern. In addition, there is no strict framework in which you should write a. Choose something to your taste. 2016 even the combination of several different necklaces are modern.

Elegant long necklace for everyday wear

current fashion trends women accessories elegant necklace

Seem somewhat extravagant in everyday life

current fashion trends of women accessories necklaces combine fancy rings

Massive necklaces can have an elegant appearance

women's jewelry solid necklace jacket Orange

Achieve everyday look with massive necklace

current fashion trends women necklace


The modern rings for 2016 are also very solid. Like you can combine with precious stones and jewels.

Stylish rings can appear delicate and feminine women

current fashion ring jewelry trends 2016

Solid ring points to class

current fashion trends women jewelry solid ring Etsy

Extravagant rings gather attention

fashion trends massive rings extravagant

Massive jewelry for the feet

In addition to the massive character, there are many different variants is up-to-date. The magnificent pieces are adorned with stones, beads and gemstones. Also, the futurism, which can be seen since some Saisons in the fashion industry, does not lose its positions. The massive women’s jewelry must be not only beautiful, but also very convenient! Remember that.

Are you what accessories to wear by the people?

women's jewelry bracelet foot Etsy


The beads make up an important part of the latest fashion trends at the women’s jewelry . We want to remind you that fit the bead to each age. They emphasize the youthful character of the owner or their classy upscale character. The simpler versions are suitable for almost any outfit. The correspondence with the clothing is particularly important. You will find pearl jewelry in different shades and sizes. Yes, because your jewelry must harmonize with the clothes.

Jewelry can be too subtle

current fashion trends jewelry women pearls Earrings Necklace

Like to wear pearls? They fit wonderfully an everyday, as well as an elegant outfit

current fashion trends women Schmuck bracelet beads

Pearl Necklace for the neck

current fashion trends jewelry women pearls necklace

Find something for yourself

Errors are large in solid women’s jewelry . Therefore, before you show the public with a new look, you should be sure that he is perfect! How do you get it? Here are some rules that you should always keep in mind:

Creative, eye-catching and unusual women’s jewelry pieces fit well with neutral and discreet clothing; Otherwise, you risk an inappropriate and perhaps even ridiculous look;
Combine not the massive women’s jewelry – you do not look but certainly as a Christmas tree, or?
Choose something that suits your figure: the massive necklaces do not fit to everyone! Plump ladies look so still less elegant. The massive necklaces fit ultra slim ladies also badly. You seem like a burden under which collapse seems.
The massive and flashy women’s jewelry fit mature ladies, so these women can afford massive necklaces and long earrings. It emphasizes their social status, they have certainly achieved with a lot of work.
Women’s jewelry with jewels and gems is attached only at evening events.

A dream for many women is to wear large women’s jewelry , certainly. 2016 it may come true. The challenge is to look harmonious and well. Consider once again the great examples in our article, to get a real feeling.

Jewelry guesses our personality

current fashion trends accessories women earrings

Beads can indicate different

current fashion trends Aliexpress necklace beaded jewelry trends 2016

current fashion trends of women accessories bracelet dress

current fashion trends women bracelets rings

current fashion trends women Schmuck elegant

trends fashion women jewelry ideas trends 2016 ring bead

current trends of fashion necklace beads white clothing of jewelry trends 2016

current fashion trends long earrings women appropriate clothing

current fashion trends long earrings ombre style necklace

current fashion trends massive woman jewelry gemstones Pasende clothes

current fashion trends jewelry women solid ring

women's jewelry solid necklace suitable clothing womens clothing trends

current fashion trends jewelry beads bracelets

women's jewelry fashion trends women necklace

women's jewelry fashion trends modern earrings

women's jewelry bracelet solid jewelry trends 2016

women's jewelry solid elegant ring bracelet

women's jewelry large bracelets necklace glasses Lady bag

women's jewelry large earrings solid ring

women's jewelry necklace earrings of jewelry trends 2016

current fashion trends women accessories long earrings

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