Women’s Perfume Or What Aroma Turn Every Man’s Head!

What do you know about the perfume?

Man has always sought to give a best smell his body, and was therefore still the middle ages of various compounds in the form of one or the other. The world anyway, but also a few exceptions including known – such as the Spanish Queen Isabella I boasted to have washed the body and the hair only twice in her life!

Numerous priests, magicians, alchemists and perfume master undertook every effort to create a new scent through the centuries. Today’s experts confront constantly in modern laboratories developing new ideas and concepts in the area of perfume production. All verenigen of before a common goal – the extraction new flavors, the invention of a so far unknown manufacturing technique, a good smell, a beautiful magic! Skill and passion are the two main constituents of fragrant compounds!

The exciting and amazing history of perfume…

women geschihte perfume

…von the beginnings until today

ladies perfume history

The word perfume comes from the Latin expression via fummus, which literally means smoke . First perfumes of in history were created by the burning of incense actually! About 5000 years ago, smeared the Sumer their hair with fragrant Balsams, massed their body with pleasantly scented oil and ointment, lay for hours in the bath full of Jasmin butter, irises and hyacinths… You mentioned the ability of our ancestors to pull out pleasant odours from the plant species and animal products in historical sources from this period. In Mesopotamia and Egypt, the first aromatic mixtures of sandalwood and musk come to the world – at first these fragrances were considered a perk of the aristocracy.

Fragrant balms and ointments in ancient Egypt

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The ancient Greeks and Romans wore aromatic ointment on the body of the soldiers indemnity in the battle for the life of; They also saw the essential oil blends as a real stimulant. In the course of time, the tomorrow land became the main supplier of spices, aromatic balms and essences to Europe. The most important step in the production of perfume was made 1370, when you added a bit of alcohol to the odoriferous substances – these capabilities made even stronger and more intense the distinctive pleasant smell and spread quickly around the world.

Ladies perfume – the new technology was fairly quickly by perfume manufacturers all over the world learned

ladies perfume alcohol

ladies perfume manufacturing

in 1675, already the first perfumes in France in the trade were to acquire. Shortly thereafter, made a name for himself the biggest brands and earned the place in the modern perfumeries – Coty, Guerlain, Caron: since that moment on the perfume industry developed into an industry! Until the beginning of the 20th century, it made no distinction between men’s fragrances and ladies perfumes.

The most famous classic ladies Parfum of Coco Chanel

women's perfume coco chanel

ladies parfum classic

in 1921, the French fashion designer Gabriel Coco Chanel her own perfume created brand. The perfume producer Ernest Beaux presented her at that time a few essential oil blends, Numer 5 twisted Chanel but the head simply – in this way was today best selling women’s perfume in the world: Chanel №5.

Women’s perfume – which perfume do you prefer?

There are such perfumes, which are regarded as true classics in the perfume industry and which are simply not forget a scented. Around the globe, many women enjoy these fragrances and let simply to envelop their magic!

J’adore Dior or even the gold jewel by Dior – this elegant, magnetic, modern and quite luxurious ladies perfume with strong floral scents has a mind-blowing effect on men!
C rystal Noir by Versace – a symbol of the strong and confident women. The floral and Oriental aroma make up the intoxicating and mysterious “character” of this perfume. The unusual blend of ginger, cardamom, Orange, and gardenias emphasizes the life style of the modern and passionate ladies!
A sweet aroma of white flowers, Mandarin, vanilla, honey, musk, bergamot and Ylang-Ylang stands for the butterflies in your stomach when the first kiss – l’instant by Guerlain .

ladies perfume guerlen

Coco Chanel – Noir a classic scent for the cold winter nights. This perfume reveals the secrets of every mysterious woman the gentlemen!
Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline symbolizes the perfection and the brilliance of the Crystal; the perfume excites with its fresh and at the same time exotic scent.
Euphoria by Calvin Klein experience unknown emotions and enjoy every single moment!
In Armani code Palacio femme two types of oranges, vanilla and honey Interweave; the scent is very popular among the emotionally mature, successful women!

Women’s perfume – leave a scented trail behind

Ladies parfum classic

Coty laid the foundation stone for the Parfümindustie

ladies perfume coty

Women’s perfume – elegant and stylish ladies

ladies perfume varieties

Ladies perfume – for centuries, the ladies world enjoy their favorite scent

ladies vintage perfumewomen's perfume scent

Women’s perfume – an elegant and modern gold jewel for self-confident women

Ladies perfume dior

Women’s perfume – Hooray for the passionate nights!

ladies perfume versace

Women’s perfume – a true classic!

ladies parfum classic

Celebrate the joy of life and the perfection of the surrounding world

ladies perfume bvgari

Unknown emotions and passionate moments!

ladies parfum calvin small

Women’s perfume – a fragrance for the Femme Fatale

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