Women’s Traditional Clothing – Dirndl Dresses Of Covers Oktoberfest Munich 2014

Drindl Trachtenmode Drindl Oktoberfest 2014

Women’s costumes for the Oktoberfest 2014

2014 Festival is already upon us, and in a few weeks, it will be really colorful, noisy and funny at the Oktoberfest. How’s every year happens at this time. Many women and girls not only in Germany, but all over the world already, wonder how the Dirndl – 2014 are trends for the traditional time. Yes, we have researched it for you! It’s completely understandable if it’s soon difficult for many girls and women, to choose the right outfit for the Oktoberfest. The selection is really enormous and goes from sugary Dirndl to cool outfit for the parties then dresses in pastel shades. As every year is big choice of Dirndl dresses, now there are new trends in the color, the pattern and the matching accessories.

2014 seek trends for the Oktoberfest

ladies costumes Drindl dresses Drindl apron pink Oktoberfest 2014

Ladies costumes

ladies costumes Drindl apron color trends Oktoberfest 2014

Do you even know what girls and women like to wear at this year’s Oktoberfest?

ladies costumes Drindl dresses Pastel pink Oktoberfest Munich 2014

Modern Dirndl Dress

ladies costumes Drindl clothing Oktoberfest 2014 fashion trends

Send Dirndl dresses in pastel colors

ladies costumes Drindl dress Drindl loop pink Oktoberfest 2014 fashion trends

The colors , especially the lime green and pink shades are very popular. This trend started last year when Dirndl dresses in pastel colors a big hit. But in principle a Dirndl in each color is interesting and attractive. An advantage to do so: the waist is emphasised, the silhouette appears lighter! Just one example of the strong attraction of the Dirndl outfits: Rosé apron, turquoise corsets and pastel-coloured pleated skirt with flower patterns result in an irresistible combination.

Designer Drindl – modern interpretation

modern costumes Drindl clothing Oktoberfest 2014

But if pastel is not quite your thing, then you need not to despair. There are many Dirndl models in bright colours. Or who want to use just a splash of colour, which can select a Dirndl in neutral color and combine it with a colorful apron to do so. If you want to really stand out, you can choose a retro Dirndl in red orange green tones. The look is colorful, but unique!

Dirndl models in bright colours

ladies costumes Drindl trends Oktoberfest

Which patterns are needed for Dirndl dresses? Lace and ruffles are always welcomed at the blouses. Floral design and playful flowers are currently very on trend, the plaid is always up-to-date. So you can’t go wrong!

Elegance in red white

Drindl costume fashion of fashion trends clothes Oktoberfest 2014

Accessory trends 2014

The right accessories must not be also 2014 at Oktoberfest! For jewelry, shoes, bags and scarves complement and complete the look of the Dirndl. The hat has celebrated a comeback last year, continues his success train this year. Shawls and scarves look easy, playful and very elegantly, since the selection is really great, you can certainly find something suitable for every outfit.

Earrings in traditional style

modern costumes Drindl dresses Oktoberfest Munich 2014

Must have – Drindl accessories

ladies costumes Drindl clothing accessories Oktoberfest 2014

Well, how you feel now? Have you felt a Dirndl-fever?

Then on seeing you again at the Oktoberfest!

ladies costumes Drindl clothing Drindl loop accessories of fashion trends

Typical checked pattern and matching Drindl apron in blue

ladies costumes dresses Drindl loop Blau Karrostoffe of fashion trends Oktoberfest 2014

Traditional fabric patterns and shades

Drindl Trachtenmode Drindl clothing swatch of color trends Oktoberfest 2014

Floral prints and playful floral

ladies costumes Drindl clothing Drindl apron fashion trends

Drindl contactors with white lace loop

ladies costumes Drindl dresses Oktoberfest 2014 Karrostoffe of lace red

Colour trend – green and blue

ladies costumes Drindl skirt green dress blue Oktoberfest 2014

Flash green as a color accent

ladies costumes Drindl apron Grün Drindl dresses Oktoberfest 2014

…oder maybe pink do you like better

ladies costumes Drindl apron pink Drindl dresses Oktoberfest 2014

Traditional Dirndl in red-blue-white

ladies costumes Drindl apron red Drindl dresses Karrostoffe Oktoberfest 2014

Modern and trendy on the Oktoberfest 2014

ladies costumes Drindl apron Oktoberfest 2014

Choose the right outfit for the Oktoberfest

ladies costumes Drindl dresses Oktoberfest 2014 fashion trends colours orange