Women-vests – Tips For A Beautiful Outfit During The Winter And Spring

Long women vests – so can be worn it

The long women vests are very handy for the winter, especially when it is so cold like this. To simplify the task, to keep our body temperature higher, a lot. Comfortable and soft, they bring us a sense of coziness and warmth. Elegant, they can be too actually. Let us present our ideas here.

Women vests, a piece of clothing, not only for the winter

lady West beige black pants long bag boots

A universal piece of clothing

The long women vests are very universal. You can look nice, regardless of whether it is big or small, whether old or young, or regardless, for a figure to have what.

Length and cut

It makes a great Visual, but also practical difference, up where the women’s vest.

It could cover the thighs to the Middle, ranging up to the knee, or sometimes even longer.

Women vests – colorful and warm for the cool days

women vests long multi colored modern

Still, we have to do it with models of different styles. Such as those in a line that could be or else – spreading downwards.

The length makes a big difference in terms of the figure. If your legs proportionally not long compared to the upper body, or simply if you are not very large, you should choose the longer versions. Everyone else will fragment the body. That leaves the legs appear shorter and less elegant work the figure.

Trendy outfit with jacket

Lady West long trendy boots

The greater are your legs so, the longer, and the cut should be shorter in this case.

And what is with the form? What are you good for clothes? The long, A line models accentuate your body better and pencil skirts are great, the straight-cut vests should be more suitable for you.

Choose the right model

long black trendy Womens vest outfit

Are suitable to your character rather the skirts? Then, the same applies here. There are other models of cuts at the women vests. One thing is important: we must keep our eyes open for the diversity of models, because with the right piece of clothing you have great opportunities to look elegant.

Easier transition to spring

Multifunctionality is an increasingly important key word in fashion. Garments that can be used at the same time during several seasons, are considered up-to-date, just because of this property. This is quite the case with the long women vests. You can wear them in the harsh winter under a long jacket. As soon as the spring days there are, you can drag them also instead of a jacket.

Women vests are a functional piece of clothing

vest, ladies ' long trendy jeans

The selection of shoes is very important when wearing a vest, ladies ‘ than top. So that the body is not completely hidden under the long piece of clothing, you might emphasize your figure and particularly the legs with high heels. This is particularly important if you are wearing the vest, ladies ‘ buttoned.  In warmer weather, when the women’s vest is worn open, choose also sporting flat-soled shoes, which correspond well with the color of the shell.

A very current combination includes the colours grey and white. The first shading should be selected for the women’s vest and the T-Shirt and the flat athletic shoes should be in white. If you have several long West in neutral, or dark and grey colors, you should pair it with accessories or T-Shirts in current shades.

Adjust the colors together

elegant modern women vests long

Warm clothes also provide a trendy look

women vests long stylish Black Brown

If you want to buy a long vest now, you should keep open the eyes for the many different shades on the market. These can in turn form a great contrast to neutral or dark clothes. We have most of the time many in the dressing room.

Other combinations

The most long women vests are very capable of conversion. We mean not only the fact that it can be worn as a garment for the home as well as as the upper portion of the going out. You can easily change the shape of these with the help of a belt. You can therefore each time your character appear slightly different.

The belt can appear quite different from the vest

women vests long belt grey

Looking for variety in patterns and textiles

Select as long, until you find something, what good do you like and fits. There are so many different embroidery patterns and they are of great importance for the entire look. Also the textile feel differently – find something that pampers your skin.

Choose the right fabric and the matching pattern

elegant Lady West vest

Breaking taboos

As with all classic garments, many taboos associated with the long women vests. For example, many believe that is they can be combined only with tight clothes. You should break this taboo. For example, long women vests and wider clothes combinations are currently also very fitting.  It is important that you discover a way to stress the benefits of your figure. This can be done by contrasts in shape or colour – an approach which is 2017 very up-to-date.

Ladies waistcoat in a fresh color select

vest, ladies ' long outfit ideas

Flower pattern ensures good mood

Lady West long flower pattern

Elegant and feminine

women vests long green

Asymmetrical and trendy

women vests long asymmetrical

The vest is very suitable for cooler days than women’s clothing

vest, ladies ' long, stylish white blouse