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Quality, functionality and visibility are a must in the education and agriculture

In almost every industry, a particular type of work clothing is mandatory. Serves not only to view, but first and foremost, to protect of the wearer. Especially in industries that work much in the open, emphasis is placed on quality, functionality and visibility in the work clothes. The quality starts with the choice of materials. High-quality materials make for an excellent end product. In addition, the materials also provide the longevity of the clothing. In addition care must be taken to the processing.

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Engelbert Strauss Workwear safety and quality

The processing of the seams or the merger of different layers and materials provide for additional durability. The functionality is very important especially in work clothes, because in many industries, tools must be worn with or the knees must be thicker. This facilitates not only the work, but also ensures a protection of the knee joints.

This is very important especially in the education and agriculture. Much work must be done on knees, so the knee joints must be spared the most. The visibility is also important because commissioned the Fort, the colours are very unique and recognize the workers is respected in Engelbert Strauss on a mix between dirt systems pants and visible colors.

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Jackets and pants for the forestry and agriculture

Work clothing in the forestry and Agriculture consists of several parts. In cold days trousers with large pockets are designed for a long. Optionally, the pants can be purchased waist or as Dungarees. The bib has the advantage that the pockets for any tool and the other tools are much larger, while the pockets at the waist-high pants are applied less than.

Different colors available in the area of the pants Engelbert Strauss to the selection. Just the earth tones are much used in the industry. By dark brown up to green grass. Also pants or even shorts for the summer can be chosen long. The selection on work pants for the agriculture and forestry is correspondingly large. Different sizes ensure a perfect fit. The jacket is an important piece of clothing, because she not only ensures optimal weather protection, but provides protection against injuries.

Engelbert Strauss Workwear jackets and trousers

The jackets by Engelbert Strauss are air-permeable, but weatherproof. They are equipped with a side pockets, breast pockets and optionally a hood. The choice of colour for the jackets is great, from subtle shades of beige jackets can be purchased to clearly visible Orange shades.

Engelbert Strauss Workwear pants Shoes Accessories

Engelbert Strauss Workwear shoes short pants with side pockets

Accessories offers more than just trousers and jackets – Engelbert Strauss

In addition to the clothing, Engelbert Strauss also offers a wide range of various accessories that are used in the forestry or agriculture. A first aid kit up to different axes, Pack hook up to some types of scissors in the shop many articles offered by.

Gloves and privacy are important in forestry and agriculture. Knitted gloves, winter gloves or gloves for the summer are available in different colors and designs, for large and small hands available.

Engelbert Strauss work clothing accessories and Workwear

Safety shoes and boots for the agriculture and forestry

The right work shoes are critical. Not only for a secure fit, but also for protection from falling trees or heavy branches. Safety shoes by Engelbert Strauss are equipped with steel caps. So, heavy objects can not damage the feet.

Safety shoes safety boots for farmer Engelbert Strauss can be all sizes and varieties of work shoes that are useful in forestry and agriculture. In addition to the different shoes and boots, matching socks for the work can be ordered in the shop. The socks are outfitted with their materials, which provide for air supply, and in the winter for protection against the cold in summer. In addition to the special socks also feature socks for sale are available.

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Engelbert Strauss – the shop for all cases

In the shop Engelbert Strauss offered not only all kinds of tools for forestry and agriculture. In addition, products for the guest robe Empire, the ladies, installers and even for children show up in many categories. Of functional clothing to leisure products and even special weather clothing available at Engelbert Strauss.

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Engelbert Strauss work wear work safety shoes