World Famous Arab Women Enchanting With Intelligence And Class

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Arab women Queen Rania conscious

Beautiful and intelligent Arab women are among the world’s celebrities

The Arab sheiks are not only some of the richest people in the world. You have also some of the most beautiful women on their side. The first women in the Arab world are mystical about it, very intelligent and kind. You all more or less remember Princess Scheherazade. The first ladies are beautiful, but also noble and intelligent. You wield its power on the strong men for good purposes. These first ladies make nice and friendly the world ruled by them.

Sheikha Musa bint Nasser al-Missned

Arab women Scheicha Musa Western fashion

It is one of the wives of Hamad bin Chalifa Al Thani. He was the Emir of Qatar until 2013. She is the most famous Lady from the Arab countries. This is due to their taste, and thanks to their ability to combine European and Muslim traditions in their clothing. It was included dressed women in the world in the list of the best of the magazine Vanity Fair several times.

First-class level and distinctive sophistication

Arab women Scheicha Musa modern woman fashion-conscious

It is the first of the first ladies of the Arab countries, which showed the world her open face. By off the typical black dress, she made a revolution in Qatar. She was among other things a reform in the area of women’s rights. Her example and social commitment contributed strongly to that women were allowed to drive in their country and choose their clothes themselves. She campaigned, that women could study at the University. Now dominate the women even in percentage at the University there. More than 60% are women.

Always 100% fashionable and classy

Arab women Scheicha Musa Extravagamte clothes

Self-confident and independent

Arab women Scheicha Musa

As far as their standard, does not compromise the Sheikha of Qatar. She knows perfectly the luxury brands. Their popular brands include Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Chanel, Armani Prive, Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Dior, Cartier.

Rania of Jordan

Arab women Queen Rania

For many people, Rania of Jordan is the most beautiful Queen in the world. in 2003 she was by the British magazine Hello explained to the Queen of elegance. The criteria according to which it has been recognized for such, are not purely aesthetic. This title was also on the basis of their political bit. Such as Sheikha Musa bint Nasser al-Missned Rania of Jordan campaigned for women’s rights.

She also became a symbol of progressive thinking

Arab women Queen Rania fashion

It combines elements of the traditional Arab dress and the European style in her dressing room. Rania of Jordan loves the fine jewelry. Like all Arab women showing particularly good taste in selecting jewelry.

One of her special pieces is the tiara of the Princess alia of Cartier. The story of its acquisition is very interesting. The DIAdem of alia was after her death of her daughter AIA pass. You give it Rania of Jordan.

Princess Haya bint al-Hussein

Arab women Haya Bint Al Hussein

Princess Haya is the sister of the King of Jordan

Arab women Haya Bint Al Hussein elegant modern

She is also the wife of the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Sheikh of Dubai – Muhammad bin Raschid Al Maktum.

Contributes greatly to the dissemination of secular traditions in their home country

Arab women Haya Bint Al Hussein Dubai

Princess Haya is not as strong in contrast to other prominent women in love with fashion. You graduated from Oxford and speaks four languages. Haya is known for its strong public and charitable activities. Today she leads international humanitarian city – the largest centre for assistance in emergency situations. She’s also UN Peace Messenger.

Here on a mission in Liberia

Arab women Haya Bint Al Hussein UN Peace Messenger Liberia

Princess Haya is collaborating with Ban Ki-moon and Kofi Anan.

However, it also has an expensive hobby, and the horses are. She is the first Arab woman who took part in a competition in the equestrian sport.

Queen Fatima

Arab women Queen Fatima

Saudi Arabia is one of the strictest Muslim countries. There, you can feel the power of Muslim traditions in most. There lives also Fathima Kulsum Zohar Godabari. She is considered one of the most prominent Arab women.

Queen Fatima is known for their fine jewelry

Arab women Queen Fatima Saudi Arabia

Princess Amira Al Talil

Arab women Princess Amira Al Talil

Amira Al Talil comes from the same country. She is the wife of Prince al-Walid bin Talal Al-Saud. Unlike Queen Fatima, she shows a pronounced rebellious character. She is committed to the rights of women, including for driving a car, for whose training and independent decision whether they work or not. Princess Amira refuses to dress traditionally Arabic and shows a clear European style in her outfit.

Modern woman of the Orient

Arab women Princess Amira Al Talil modern woman

She participates in the policy at the highest level

Arab women Princess Amira Al Talil self-confident woman

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