22 Ideas For Valentine’s Day Decor Decoration At Home

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Valentine’s day decorations themselves make – 22 ideas

Valentine's day wreath yourself make

This Valentine’s day wreath is easy to tinkering, you can hang it on a mantle or on the door.

You must first have a 1 × 6-inch strips patterned paper around a pencil tightly wrap, to the gathering. Glue the end of each curl in a loop and shape the paper for an 8-inch foam wreath. Repeat it until the form is covered. Print a Valentine’s day statement on patterned paper, attach the words in a circle, add a white strap embellishment.

stylish bouquet of paper

Valentine's day decoration flower bouquet

Make a bouquet of flowers, which could last as long as your love. These are beautiful crepe paper flowers in bright colors.Cut a 20-inch strips of crepe paper and forms the top of the Strip. Allow about 1 inch at the bottom, so the band is not torn. At one end of the paper strips to attach an artificial root. Roll the crepe paper strips around the stem, forming the petals. Secure the end with a band and arrange the bouquet.

Colorful Garland – heart shapes

Valentine's day decoration themselves make

These colorful hearts are so easy that even children can help in their preparation.Wrap yarn around a wooden cube, then have a thin coat of paint on one side. Stamp on white or solid color paper and allow to dry. Repeat this with additional cardboard and colors. Cut the cardboard in great heart. Use tape or glue and hang the Garland.

Plates with stripes or different, interesting figures

Valentine's day plate decoration figures

Cut 1/2-inch square or rectangular Cork pieces. Select Valentine’s day patterns or fabrics in pink and red tones. Lightweight fabrics like cotton are the best for wrapping. Fold the corners, wrap the fabric on the back and baste in place. Mount the plates with hanger and image trailer.

a beautiful collage – Valentine’s day wonderful

Valentine's day collage decoration itself

Personalize this great decoration for Valentine’s day.Tinker the collage, cut shapes from fabric (such as birds and hearts of different sizes) and use spray glue on white cardstock.

Nice way to show your love

Valentine's day pillow decoration love

Show some love by this pillow. Decorate a simple pillow for Valentine’s day. Add the word “Love” with stencils and fabric paint.Our advice: Use different colors for each letter or use another word on the pillow.

Festive arranged table – Valentine’s day decoration

Valentine's day romantic dinner decoration

Arrange the table for festive dinner. Red and white plates, pink napkins, a striped table runners, sparkling glasses and shiny silverware are the perfect combination. The extravagant mixture gives a comfortable atmosphere.

A stylish range of heart

Valentine's day series decoration heart

Hang a series of hearts on a mantel, above a level or on a shelf.Cut out very large heart of patterned cardboard. Cut vertical slots in the middle of all our hearts and thread Red Ribbon through the slits.

Decorate glasses full

Valentine's day idea decoration ornamentsPlug sparkling jewelry, a colorful flower, glistening pearls, mother of Pearl stones into a clear glass.Our advice: Pack Valentine’s day gifts in such decorated glasses.

Paper chain in the form of heart

Valentine's day red decorationFold a long, narrow strip of paper accordion-style. Sketch a heart pattern on the paper.  Cut the outline of the heart pattern and unfold the paper. Fix a set of paper chains on a lamp shade with transparent adhesive tape.Note: For safety reasons, use paper that is not entzünden light.

Romantic candle with decoration

Valentine's day candle decoration

Let bright burn your Valentine’s day passions. Cut strips of pink patterned paper and keep on the same size strips of white cardstock.Bright colors make this Valentine’s day mantel – look like traditional pink heart bewitching mixture with bright orange, yellow, green and blue patterned fabric.

A love quote in the stylish frame

Valentine's day quote frame decoration decorate one side table or a shelf with an inspirational love quote in a frame.Cut a quote (how “love comforts such as the sunshine after the rain”, or one of your Favorites) and paste the statement on black cardboard.

Garland of white, red and striped heart on the head Board in the bedroom

Valentine's day Garland bed decoration

Make a Garland of hearts from fabric remnants. Punch small holes in the sides of the heart and tie them together with a Ribbon.

Pink wreath of paper heart

Valentine's day wreath decoration House

Use paper stamping or a pair of scissors to cut the hearts out of colored parchment and light decorative paper. Place the heart on the cardboard base and secure every heart with a clear drying glue. Hang the Garland with a loop.

Wound full photo tree – interesting idea

Valentine's day photo tree decoration House make

Mark those you love, with moment photos in a 3D presentation.Collect favorite photos and make black and white or sepia copies. Add some of the copies on decorative paper or cut shapes. Put the photos on a photo tree.

Beautiful candle for Valentine’s day

Valentine's day decoration themselves make

The candles are mood so great as your Valentine’s day, if you want to add this accent. Fill glass candle holder with typical sweets for the season. Small glass beads from the craft store offer a similar appearance.

Valentine's day run I decoration heart

Cut out two large heart – shapes of Nice paper or cardboard. Cut several such heart in graduated sizes of contrasting paper and use spray adhesive or a simple running stitch on the front of the bag to attach to.

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