32 Ideas For Handmade Valentine’s Day Card

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32 ideas for Valentine’s Day card – 3D effect

Let your favorite people know, how like they have and make you indirectly through creative, handmade Valentine’s day cards and gifts. So, show your loved ones how much you care for them. With our fresh and stylish patterns, you can make Valentine’s day cards, to share pleasant, friendly feelings with friends and family.

original idea Valentine's Day card

Create a mood with a heart made of 3D papers. Kill a heart with a punched circle and attach it to the card with foam.

An OWL Valentine’s day idea

Valentine's Day card idea

Interesting word games make creative feelings for Valentine’s day cards. Here, made an OWL from die-cut shapes has a simple and nice statement. A simple piece box with rounded corners on a patterned paper map is attached in the middle. Add OWL your paper and that’s it.

A stylish Declaration of love for Valentine’s day

ideas Valentine's day proposals map

This homemade card is a very creative idea for Valentine’s day. Try to make your own scratch off material in a few simple steps.

A “play on words” map

Valentine's Day card idea olive game

This interesting game with words Valentine’s Day card is a quick and easy project. Add heart and your statement with stickers.

A thematic guitar idea

sample Valentine's Day card guitar

Cut out a circle in the lower half of the front of a card and attach five lengths of strips vertically over the Center.

A chocolate idea for your lover

Valentinsatg map idea chocolate

This card is ideal for your Schatz.Befestigen you candy bar to a punched carton, then add decorations or “I love you”.

A word game and oceanic motifs on the map

Valentine's day idea map Ocean

This Valentine’s Day card creates a perfect festive mood for your lover. Cut with the carton our whales proposal from two different colors a craft knife. Wood grain patterned paper offers a beautiful ocean or white circles on paper with a white marker, you can draw. At the top of your map, add a cut sheet of white paper to resemble waves. Decorate the card with punched-out hearts, fish, and a printed statement.

Valentine’s Day surprise for your best friend

friend Valentine's Day card idea

This thematic map with a flower shows a nice Valentine’s Day message for a friend. You brighten up a piece of white cardboard with different cuts of patterned paper, then write or print a statement.

Loving blue ceremonial map

Valentine's day favorite person card

To create a round card, fold a piece of cardboard in the middle and partially cut circle. Punch a big heart to a text, then add layer of two cute birds at the top. The grass is made of patterned paper.

A sweet surprise on the day of the lovers

Valentine's day candy card

Surprise your lover with this original candy card. Bring a square of notebook paper in the middle of a square card. Cut the words “you” and “hot” from a magazine or newspaper and paste them into a circle of white paper cut. Add eight or nine hot candy pieces on the issue paper and place a thin sheet of plastic over the top.

Nice bike make card itself

map bike idea Valentine's day

A stamp bike serves as the heart of this card. Print along with the image an appropriate touch and send that to your lover.

It is easy to see how much I love you.

love Valentine's Day card idea

This great idea brings your love in a simple manner to the preview in this Valentine’s Day card. To make you need a plastic slide rack cut into pieces and attach a strip of pockets on the front of a card. Make use of punched hearts and stickers, and add a clever title (we have “It is clear to see how much I love you.”).

Stylish homemade card

Valentine's Day card idea

Make a matching envelope with a quickly stitched heart and some decorations.

Nice pink idea Valentine’s daymap idea Valentine's day pink color

Her lover will be delighted with this Valentine’s Day card. Simply punch out heart patterned one adhesive book paper and arrange the hearts on a folded piece of pink cardboard. Cut the letters out of teal box and glue them with adhesive foam.

Interesting colorful map “be with me!”

colourful Valentine's day proposal map

With a circle cutter, cut colorful shapes from patterned paper and hold an empty vertical card. Make a circle shape from a separate color and add stickers to spell out “Be with me”. Add the letters “Will you?” at the bottom corner of the card.

Romantic quote for your lover

Valentine's day quote love card

Find a nice quote, your lover will appreciate that and add it to your card for a quick nice greeting. With a text editor, you fill a text box with color. Print the quote on cardboard and accentuate on the quote with a punched-out heart.

Grid with strips of cardboard

Valentine's Day card idea grid

Create this grid with strips of cardboard glued on the front of the pink boxes.

Elegant, red Valentine’s day idea

deep red Valentine's Day card nice

Add a black strip to a folded cardboard base, then lay flowers forms with decorative band. It’s going to love her mistress.

Colorful, 3D card for Valentine’s day

Valentine's day idea map stained

Stamp a green and a red heart. Use adhesive foam to attach the heart to a layered map. Slide a tape under the green heart and tie in a bow, add a short statement.

Playful card robot

Valentine's day favorite person card robot

Use patterned paper. Finish your robot by putting a head, arms and legs made of cardboard. Use buttons, stamps, and Googly eyes.

Romantic card with the shape of a heart

Valentine's day elegance card form idea

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