A Different Perspective On The Love Fest – The Valentine’s Day History

Celebrate the love and security

From the first glance up to the last jointly shared moment, by the sudden tearing into a vortex of emotion to the sense of security and protection, of the butterflies in the stomach to the absolute mutual reliability of both partners and stability of the relationship – love is something what we all constantly strive for and what we want again and again! On 14 February, millions of people around the world will show their feelings of deepest soul, by you her life companions. Lavish interior with numerous gifts to express their devotion and gratitude for being together. Where does Valentine’s day but its origin? Where does this tradition and how is the celebration of love and affection celebrated around the world?

Valentine’s day history – the Holy of Roman Catholic Church

Valentine's day history Saint Valentine

The legend tells about the doctor known in ancient Rome, named Valentine. To give a sweet and pleasant taste the remedies prescribed by him, he added regularly a shot of wine, honey or milk the bitter medicine. Although the Christians in Rome were followed at that time, Valentine was priest and Bishop of Terni.

The then Roman Emperor Claudius II. enforced a strict ban on marriage, because he wanted to collect all the young men in his army – he saw their affection and close relationship with a future wife and any children as an obstacle to the implementation of its objective and therefore wanted to clean these problems out of the way. Despite the ban, Valentine’s, but secretly continued trust lovers.

Once a jailers brought his blind daughter to the doctor with the request, as long as needed to treat them to regain their eyesight. Valentine saw immediately that this disability can not heal, but fell in the young woman and vowed to do everything possible for the blind girl.

Valentine’s day history – the Holy as the patron saint of lovers

Valentine's day history Saint Valentine

One day Roman soldiers invaded on Valentine’s day House, destroyed his drug and arrested him for his breach of the marriage ban. Valentin was thinking but day and night of the young woman of his dreams and wrote a love letter to leave her in the last hours before his execution. The blind girl’s father could do nothing against the death penalty, helped Valentine but his last dream, by bringing the letter dedicated to his daughter home. The death sentence was carried out on February 14, 270 ad; shortly thereafter, the girl got the envelope, from which a yellow crocus in their hands fell out. At this moment, a miracle happened – the young woman able actually to see the magnificent flower color!

The magnificent flower color

Valentine's Day story of yellow crocus

In the year 496, Pope Gelasous I announced the February 14 as official feast of Saint Valentine’s day and his burning love!

As the world celebrates the feast of love?

Valentine’s day is the National Festival in the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Australia and the United Kingdom. In many other countries around the world there are differences traditions that have modernized over the course of time, however deeply rooted in the traditions of the respective Nations.

Romance should be always with you, but note: not only on February 14, but the whole year through!

Valentine's day history passion

In England, to send love letters not only his lover, but also his domestic animals – such as dogs or cats. Women throw the single folded paper in the nearby rivers or lakes. Male names are written on the paper, the first emerged notes reveals the name of her future husband.

In Wales to make wooden love spoon , which you then gives away Febraury 14 – hearts, keys and keyholes occur most commonly as decoration and ornamentation on it. The message should be of course everyone clear: “Unlock your heart for me!”

Valentine’s day history – the symbol of love in Wales

wels Valentine's day love spoon history

In Japan, the young women prepare sweet gifts of chocolate for her friends. Traditionally, Jen-who likes the corresponding girls, to present an appropriate response in the form of a candy you until March 14.
The Europeans established in the United States spread the feast at the beginning of the 17th century in the new world. Initially, the Americans gave the then rather expensive marzipan their life companions. Later, it was replaced by caramel candies on their surface to “hollowed out all declarations of love”. The red and the white color as a symbol of passion and innocence of love predominated in the chocolates!

Valentine’s day history – red and white as the colors of love feelings

usa Valentine's day history chocolates

In France the jewels include the particularly highly valued gifts on this day. The so-called cartes d ‘ Amitiés (Valentine) was invented here!
In Denmark, the lovers give white dried flowers, beautiful Valentine’s cards without a signature by mail to send each other, the men the junden ladies in – women should tell themselves who is intended to be her suitor.
In Spain, all men want their wives a bouquet of Red Roses give – personally or even by mail, if it’s a long-distance relationship!

Valentine’s day history – red roses are still since the middle ages a mandatory gift on February 14

Valentine's Day story Red Roses

In Australia, a curious custom existed during the gold rush: If someone discovered gold on Valentine’s day, he should pay for the Valentine’s cards of all Bachelors in the pit! Of course, all sly singles made it use: some of which ordered incredibly expensive cards with various Extras – smell, golden writing, silk decorations, etc.
In Bulgaria we celebrate the feast of the wine and the wine maker – love beside the celebration of love and wine go hand in hand in this country!
Saudi Arabia is the only country that has imposed an official ban on this festival! Across the country, you can sell Valentine cards, even teddy bears or even red roses! If traders fail to respect this prohibition, they cannot escape a strict punishment!

Valentine’s day history – you can be creative and original when making the love spoon

Valentine's day history of welsh

Without the classic red roses it simply doesn’t work!

Valentine's day history gift ideas

Valentine’s day history – according to the invention of love chocolates fell it the Americans a to put the candy in a box in the form of heart

Valentine's day geshcichte gifts candy

In Japan, the young women prepare numerous sweets

Valentine's day history japan candy

Valentine’s day history – dried flowers as an original gift

Valentine's Day story white flowers

As the city of love and romance – in France they keep it real Paris!

Valentine's day paris romance

Fully enjoy the coming day of love and wine!

We wish you a nice holiday!Valentine's day history-proof wine