DIY Handmade, Ornaments, Valentine’s Day

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DIY decorations foam wreath Valentine's day loop band

Make cool decoration for Valentine’s day itself

If you want such festive wreath, to tinker it yourself! It is very easy! It can be hung on the front door or window. Just depends on you!

You will need a colorful, fancy paper. The figures and the shapes are of no great importance, but put on the heart shapes. Use red paper. Cut out strips of paper and map them in the form of a loop. You need have a foam wreath – stick stripes on it. Then, spray the wreath with shine for a striking look.

DIY decorations for Valentine’s day

DIY ornaments Valentine's day garlands paper

The Garland is just beautiful. She looks so casual, that she all year long as decoration can be used. There are two methods to create them. The first is to use patterned paper and to cut heart shapes them. The second is to remove sheets of paper itself and and then cut the heart. Our advice is to use cardboard stencils to make heart of equal size. But it depends on you, how you arrange them. Attach the shapes on a chain, need just a little glue.

Thematically prettified canvas

DIY ornaments Valentine's Day heart shapes frame canvas

What is a memory board? This is the place where you can exhibit all their romantic moments of your life. This article seems very effectively and to the craft, you need patterned fabrics in pink and red. Our advice is to use cotton, because she can be done very easily. Now you need a massive, square object, which you should cover with the fabric. Choose your favorite photos and show it up!

Birds and hearts in the frame

DIY ornaments Valentine's day cute romantic picture frame

Our next idea is that modern, dynamic life in the big city. Add these collagen to your interior. Here we have used birds and heart-shaped materials. Another idea is to draw a design on a canvas.

Cushion shows love on holiday

DIY ornaments Valentine's day cute romantic throw pillows

Radiate love and then feel it in the air! How can I get a throw pillow for Valentine’s day? Use fabric paint or stencils to add your caption to specification. A faster method is to cut out the letters themselves. Needless to say, you should use a contrast so that the caption is excellent and striking.

Ornaments from wooden bobbins

DIY ornaments Valentine's Day heart Garland wood

You can make this charming smoothing really easily and quickly. But how? Paint a wooden panel in neutral colours. Find interesting, colorful patterned paper and make circles away. You need still wooden bobbins, to fasten the paper circles. Fill the space between the coils with embellished plugs.

Saturated red color on the table

DIY ornaments Valentine's day table decorations red diary

On the romantic decorated table set red diary or journal, these are combined very well with the table decorations. If you arrange the table, choose beautiful plates, napkins, glasses and cutlery. This will create a cozy, intimate atmosphere.

Paper heart forms a Garland

DIY ornaments Valentine's Day heart Garland mirror

For a fresh and joyous Interior, attach heart chains on the mantel, the mirror. For a better visual impression you create a 3D effect. Concatenate a loop of your choice to complete the Garland. Put on the thematic, festive red and pink colors.

The gems and jewelry show

DIY ornaments Valentine's day Juween pointing hand watch

Such containers can be always on the table. Add jewels, jewellery, gloss and glitter to for a cool effect. Cut a circle out of the wrapping paper. Attach it with coloured chain.

Beautify glowing candle with Heart Necklace

DIY ornaments Valentine's Day heart candles decoration

What would a romantic holiday without candles? We have selected the best idea for it! You need some heart stencils from white cardstock. Cut red and pink strips of patterned paper and paste them on cardboard forms. The aim of this small Garland is the candle to surround.

Decorate the Mantel

DIY ornaments Valentine's day love decorative mantel

If you want to create a viewpoint, to use vibrant colours. They emphasize the ornaments. For better result, you arrange the articles with pink hearts in combination with fresh orange, butter-yellow, green and light blue colors. You will need 16 heart shapes in Houndstooth pattern. To paint the letters in the heart, use template. Then, sew the heart on the fabric… Appropriate decoration for the mantel.

Loving sayings

DIY ornaments Valentine's day sayings

An interesting idea is to beautify the coffee table or a shelf with loving sayings in frames. The gives the Innnendesign a vintage accent, but it can be adapted very well to every modern room. Attach the letters to the box by you die use. If you have no picture frames, you can use a mirror to the target.

Romance in the bedroom

DIY ornaments Valentine's Day heart Garland bedroom

What a loving, romantic bedroom, or? These hearts are made of fabric remnants. It has pierced every heart, to complete the Garland. Are you ready for the night?

Paper hearts of different sizes

DIY ornaments Valentine's Day heart red pink wreath

An other cute little Garland! Cut heart shapes. Let your imagination run free and find the best paper for your heart, such as colour tracing paper or lightweight decorative paper. To create the same effect, you circle the heart shapes. It is very easy, you need only a butter knife. Attach the heart with transparent fabric glue and add a loop.

Favorite photos exhibit

DIY ornaments Valentine's Day heart photos

Fresh cookies

DIY ornaments Valentine's day cookies chocolate

They all wish to exhibit your freshly baked cookies for Valentine’s day in a fascinating way? You should create a rim around the plate, where you place your delicious surprises. Use colorful paper in lively colours and a loop.

Garden Roses at home

DIY ornaments Valentine's day flowers garden

Of course, the flowers are an amazing part of the romantic holiday.

XOXO handmade Pläzchen

DIY ornaments Valentine's day cookies cookies XOXO

And how to find these beautiful cookies? Do you like the idea? Would you like even your lover? If so, prepare to then this! Use the best ingredients you can find fresh eggs, Sweet Cream butter and vanilla. The example depicted here presents a very effective arrangement, which is a label that reads – “I (heart) you XOXO”. On request, you can choose different badging.

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