DIY Valentine’s Day – Loving DIY Projects Of Covers Home

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heart Valentine's day crafts knitting

Easy DIY ideas for the whole family

Hello together! Today we continue with the theme crafts for Valentine’s day, we show you several projects and welcome offer. They are not difficult to get to. We wish you lots of fun and success yet!

DIY Valentine’s day

Valentine's day gifts handicraft weaving

Heart shape made of clay – completely dried

Valentine's day gifts craft drying

Form the heart shape

Valentine's day gifts crafts clay

And then colorful paint

DIY Valentine's day sound colourful painting

Several different forms of clay

Valentine's day gifts crafts clay drying

Quick-drying modeling clay has used for this project. They should form a heart shape with thick borders. Yet the thin lines for the wealth are to consider – even with small children, the craft can be interesting. After you have cleverly shaped heart, fasten the strips by a pointed object. In this way, they will remain detached more easily on the clay.

Colorful paper heart such as accordion folded

tinker Valentine's harmonica colorful heart

Splendid bunch of heart

DIY Valentine's day issue paper heart

Step by step pictures

DIY Valentine's day guide

In this way you should cut the paper sheet

Valentine's day crafts with children fold red

For this origami heart you need heavy weight colored paper in heart-shaped folded and two different colored sheets of paper and a small wooden stick.

Cut out the unnecessary pieces of paper from the colorful leaf as shown in the photo. Fold it like a “harmonica” and then on the half – now can attach both parts together.

Paste this heart on an other sheet of colored paper. The wooden sticks in between and on new leaf paper glue points. Cut under the form, by allowing free short distance between the different colors.

Baby Mobilee heart craft Valentine's day baby Mobilee

Cute, feminine touch

DIY Valentine's day decorations plastic

DIY flower vases made of bottles bottles flowers DIY Valentine's day

Garlands of red and pink hearts

tinker HerzenValentinstag garlands chains

Voluminous Strawberry as a door wreath

Valentine's day fresh gifts crafts Strawberry

It has used a lot of paper and cardboard for this project

DIY Valentine's day strawberries green red paper sheets

Stick rolled pieces of paper on cardboard

DIY Valentine's Day heart box red

DIY ideas Valentine's day red paper

Valentine's day gifts crafts white Chair

DIY paper heart as a Valentine’s day gift for her

Valentine's day crafts with children hanging heart paper

Hung on the door like a wreath

Valentine's day crafting with kids wreath

Simple, nice Heart Necklace

tinker garlands Valentine's day dress chain

Tinker paintings wooden yourself

crafting worn out piece of wood Valentine's day canvas heart

Hanging paper heart throughout the room love making Valentine's day romantic cute

Hugs and kisses

wood fence Valentine's day hugs kisses

Loving window decoration for Valentine’s day

tinker colors pink red Valentine's day XOX

Valentine's day crafting with kids bottles paper wine bottle decorating themes

Sturdy materials and colors for this Valentine’s day wreath

Valentine's day crafting with kids wreath paper

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