Fair Trade Products – Rethink Your Way Of Life!

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Fairtrade products shopping coffee coffee beans

What fair trade products are you familiar?

A natural way of thinking is for many people to live green and sustainable. This includes almost every area of life. From the economical use of energy for regional and organic foods to environmentally conscious travel and living. Also fair trade products are a vital aspect, because no goods can be really valuable if it was made under unfair working conditions, isn’t it? Especially if it is child or forced labor, everything looks more seriously. In this country we fortunately no longer have these social problems. Unfortunately not everywhere the reality in the world is. In many developing countries, workers and small farmers are under tremendous economic pressure. There, not only its existence but also their human dignity is at risk.

Choose Fairtrade products!

Fairtrade products shopping coffee beans sisal carpet woman

This fact becomes more a clear motivation to buy fair trade products, becomes stronger because just so each of us can vote decided consumers. Thus, a responsible consumer can properly cause much. Never forget that! Do not underestimate your role in the world and stay involved!

Help more children around the world, to get a better future!

Fairtrade products shopping cocoa beans cocoa fair trade children education

The good news is that “Fair” has become an undeniable trend. Itself only in Germany, more than 3 000 products as fair be traded certified and sold in approximately 42 000 stores. You will find a diverse selection of such products in shops, health food stores and supermarkets, but also in Cafés, canteens, and bakeries. Not only classic products like coffee, cocoa, sugar and bananas are there to find, but also many non-alcoholic drinks and wines, delicious pastries and fine sweets and artwork of all kinds, textiles and flowers.

Always ensure that this seal!

Fairtrade products fair traded goods raw materials FLO International seal

You’re a standards control

Fairtrade products action check certification transport

Products are fair trade also perfect if you want to give fair. No matter whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, weddings or Valentine’s day stand before the door, you will find absolutely the perfect gift idea ranging range fair trade for your loved one from the.

A “fair” tip from us:

Give just in time for Valentine’s day fair trade roses and give twice as much pleasure in this way. So enjoy not only your loved ones, but also the producers in Latin America and Africa. Since the fair trade roses were introduced 10 years ago in Germany, they have become one of the most popular articles in this industry. Thus, our country has become also to fair trade roses country no. 1.

Fairtrade roses have an even nicer aura

Fairtrade products buy fair traded rose Flo seal

Think long term and global and act responsibly and locally! Be flexible and stay fair!

You will find more info on how you can buy a fair, fair trade Germany

Rose workers in Kenya

Fairtrade products fair traded rose production women basketball Kenya

Bananas are one of the most important products that are fair traded

Fairtrade products shopping bananas bio fair certified

It is also the organic cotton

Fairtrade products shopping organic cotton India

Are always looking for tea from the fair trade!

Fairtrade products shopping Asia tea plantation tea tea tea leaves picking

Be equally responsible also for the choice of textiles!

Fairtrade products shopping textiles fai traded

‘Fair’ can weave themselves with love

Fairtrade products shopping textiles cooperative woman weaves striped fabrics

It is happy and proud of himself and his work

Fairtrade products shopping textiles women's cooperative Guatemala

In shops you will find many pretty accessories and pieces of dress

Fairtrade products handbags fabric purple violet

Artful jewelry is of course

Fairtrade products shopping shop jewelry artwork earrings bracelets bangles

Snacking healthy and fair with naturata.de

Or surprise your loved one with a box of delicious chocolates, for example, by fruchtundsinne.at

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